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feeling sad

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katherine12345 Wed 24-Jul-13 20:23:59

jus wanted to talk2 sum1, my doctor told me today mcs are just so common, im sick of hearing it!
yes they are common but it feels like only for me! my sister is in the middle of a successful pregnancy with no previous m/c, so are two of my friends and now the royal baby! it just feels like its only common for me ive had two mcs in 3months!! i want to be happy for my friends and family but i just feel angry and hard done by inside! i feel so selfish but i just look at them and want to be in there shoes! im sory i feel im having a rant but need to get this off my chest!

escorpion Wed 24-Jul-13 20:27:57

Hey katherine, two miscarriages in 6 months and also feel upset at how easy it seems for some people. I don´t think you can truly understand what it feels like until you have gone through it yourself. I think I will punch the next person who says : "Well at least you can get pregnant." It´s so bloody difficult getting pregnant and keeping pregnant. Some people seem to avoid you which makes it even worse. All I want to be is a mum sad
Sending you massive hugs. You are not alone xx

katherine12345 Wed 24-Jul-13 21:12:19

hey, thanx for your reply, im sorry for your losses, it seems so unfair that sum of us have 2 be so unlucky! i get that too "at least your getting pregnant" which means nothing to me if i cant keep hold of them, do they not realise that its sad to loose what could have been a little life! an it seems no1 cares about that, they think its ok cos you can get pregnant, i could punch the next person 2! i think your right people can only understand if they have been through it, and i guess im struggling cos i dont know anybody close 2 me that has been through it that i can talk 2!
i really appreciate your hugs an knowing im not alone, lots of hugs back 2 you, life sucks sometimes x

Bakingtins Thu 25-Jul-13 08:32:23

I bloody hate being told miscarriage is unlucky. I've had 4. That's unlucky, very unlucky, extremely unlucky, oh now we've run out of unlucky, maybe there is something wrong but we don't know what it is....
I think MC2 is particularly hard. It's so much more difficult to convince yourself it was a one off and next pregnancy will be ok, however hopeful the stats, and yet it's not taken seriously by the medics.
I'm v sorry for both your losses. The people who tell you to "just try again" have no idea of the emotional impact of miscarriage and the vulnerability of putting yourself potentially in the firing line again. I'm sure you will both find the courage at some point, but take some time to grieve and heal first.

katherine12345 Thu 25-Jul-13 17:42:31

your right, its a very scary thought to try again couldn't bare to go through m/c again! but i want a baby so much!! no1 understands people keep saying 'just keep trying you can obviously get pregnant quickly with 2 in 3 months!' but i just feel sad inside like its all getting to me, even my doc said keep trying your most fertile after an m/c! i need to find the strength to do this but its hard!!

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