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How long until the pregnancy test turns negative?

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Thatssofunny Wed 24-Jul-13 18:12:56


I miscarried nearly two weeks ago now - at five weeks. Since then, mostly brown spotting or light brown bleeding. Still wouldn't fill a pad in a week...(I do change them frequently,,...that would be gross). No pain at all during the whole thing.
EPU told me to take a test a week after initial appointment with them and to ring them, if it was still positive. I did last week and got a very faint positive. Thought I'd just give a little bit more time (pregnancy test picks up from 10mlU, I think). Did another one today and it's still a light positive,...seems darker than before, though, which is possibly my imagination and would be a bit weird. (We haven't had sex since I miscarried, since I thought I had to wait until the bleeding and spotting stopped.)
Rang EPU and got an appointment for scan tomorrow to decide what to do with any "remaining products" (nice,..thanks). Any idea what's likely to happen? Do I just need to wait a bit longer and it'll sort itself out? Read something about D&C? A friend of mine miscarried at 12 weeks, but baby had died at about 6 weeks,...she said her bleeding lasted for three weeks after mc.
I don't like hospitals. I don't get sick often and my GP sees me perhaps once in five years. Just want this over with now...


PinaColadas Wed 24-Jul-13 19:40:00

Hi, I'm really sorry for your loss.

I think everyone is different but I had a MMC at 12 weeks and still had a positive test 2 weeks later, only went negative finally 3.5 weeks later. I have read all sorts so try not to worry, I think you know yourself that the hormones are still there, my BBS still hurt for a few weeks afterwards. Sending you lots of hugs, keep your chin up thanks

Thatssofunny Thu 25-Jul-13 16:46:51

Thanks pina.
Went for scan today and they couldn't find anything that might have been "left behind". She said that my lining is very thick, though, and asked whether it could be a new pregnancy. (Definitely not, unless I'm a flower and have been pollinated by air.) Not sure what that means, though...
My hcg levels two weeks ago dropped from 357 to 157 within 48 hours, so should have dropped properly by now. Apparently they are still "way too high" and I have to go in for another test next week. Feeling like I'm in limbo. Not sure how high "way too high" is and what they intend to do about it...DP answered the phone, because I was out.

PinaColadas Thu 25-Jul-13 19:43:28

I've never known my hormone levels, think my local EPU are rubbish, I've literally heard nothing from them since my second scan that confirmed everything had gone but bled for weeks after. Nothing, not a sausage. Rubbish IMO because its one time where I needed support. Anyway screw them I'm getting on ok on my own. Still bleeding a bit and keep thinking about going back to the doctors but what can he do, if its going to happen then there's nothing I can do about it I just need to go with he flow. Pun intended smile

Thatssofunny Thu 25-Jul-13 19:53:51

Sorry to hear that you are still having trouble pina. wine How long ago was your mc?
I've gone to our local EPU today,..the one closer to my work seems a bit friendlier (despite it being a massive hospital, compared to our rather small local one) and made quite a fuss, while trying to help me stay positive (so did the A&E department there,...they were really lovely when I went in). The one closer to work is about an hour from our home, though,...and I'm on holiday now. Local hospital is only 15 minutes away.
Guess it depends on who you are dealing with in the different places. A&E at our local one were very nice to me, too,...when I passed out after having been kicked in the head during a match - twice. grin

officelady Thu 25-Jul-13 19:58:40

I had a MC at 5 weeks and got a negative test within 4 or 5 days of bleeding starting. It was pretty much like a normal period. The bleeding only lasted a week. Was there any chance it could have been a twin pregnancy & one didn't stick?

PinaColadas Thu 25-Jul-13 21:20:59

I've only been to EPU twice, once when I had my first bleed for scan when I found out and again 5 days later after MC was complete for scan to make sure it had all gone, that's the only dealings I've had with them, they just sent me on my way with a leaflet. It's 6 weeks since MC started, I've bled on and off ever since, not sure if any of it has been my AF although was quite heavy on and off last week so think it was so counting that as the start first day of last AF and hoping for the best. I really can't bare waiting to try again, I just want to be pregnant again sad

Thatssofunny Thu 25-Jul-13 21:25:51

officelady Thanks for the reply. I had thought about that, but would have thought that levels needed to rise regardless of losing twin or not. They certainly wouldn't be as low as they appear to be in week 7? confused (I don't think the "way too high" referred to them having gone above the initial result.) I had an internal scan today, and would imagine that they would be able to see the "remaining baby" by now, unless it's hiding somewhere deep in the mentioned lining. (She was talking about seeing a halo, which is also why she asked me whether I could have another pregnancy after the mc...but didn't go into detail.)

I haven't had any "period-like" bleeding at all during the whole time. The midwife asked me and looked a bit confused when I said that I've just been spotting for the the past two weeks. I do think, however, that a proper period is about to sneak up on me. Had some red blood this afternoon, instead of the brown/black gunge I have seen for the past few weeks. Never been so happy to see first signs of a period. grin Hope it is actually around the corner. We can't get back to ttc until the hormone level has dropped.

I think my body is just being a bit slow with getting rid of the lining. At least I hope that is the issue. I'd like to concentrate on my wedding without having to worry about issues with the mc. However, my mum has suggested that I could go for private medical treatment at home when we fly over for the wedding, if it's still not resolved at that point. (Similar to me, she has more trust in doctors at home than in the UK...might just be because I would have expected to see a doctor, not a nurse or midwife, in a situation like this.)

Thatssofunny Thu 25-Jul-13 21:34:12

pina I know how you feel. My first question after I was told I was having a mc was: "When can we try again?"
Good luck. Hope AF's finally arrived for you and it won't take to long to get pregnant again.

PinaColadas Thu 25-Jul-13 22:45:04

Thanks, good luck to you too. Fingers crossed it happens for us all very soon

Thatssofunny Fri 26-Jul-13 19:33:33

Right, seems as if af is here...two weeks after mc. (Sounds too early,...but then, nothing appears to have been normal with this mc.) Just hope that this means my hcg levels will finally drop properly. It's still light, but it's bleeding like a proper af. I never usually have great blood loss during af anyway.
Unfortunately, if this is my af, I'd ov next when we are at my parents' for the week. hmm blush Oh well, let's just see what happens...grin

Thatssofunny Wed 31-Jul-13 08:08:54

Been having "AF" since last Friday and had hoped this would sort it out. Just did another test and it is still positive. Wtf. It's faint, but clearly visible. How long can the levels take to come down from about 100?? Bleeding seems to be stopping again. I've got a follow-up appointment at EPU tomorrow. Let's see what they say.

Still no bad cramping. However, my ribs have been hurting since all of this started. Is that normal?

squizita Wed 31-Jul-13 22:14:44

Hi- I had a similar issue after my last MC. It does seem to be taking a while and with the bleeding too I would recommend going to your EPU or GP. Tiny, tiny amounts of retained materials (the little roots of the placenta, microscopic almost) can cause raised HCG as the body thinks they're still there for a reason - and there is a mild infection risk. Also there is a very small risk of partial molar with symptoms like this, and that needs to be checked out by a specialist.

You would not be having a normal AF with HCG over 50 (showing on a HPT) but hopefully it is your body working out what has happened and cleansing itself and you should feel/see HCG drop away quickly after this bleed. flowers

Thatssofunny Thu 01-Aug-13 10:32:04

Thanks, squizita. I had been worried about something being left behind, but the lady at the scan couldn't see anything. So, just back from another appointment at EPU. I see now why they wanted to have me come in again. My hcg levels are slightly erratic:
11th July - 357
13th July - 157
25th July - 225

Had some more bloods taken and will find out later today. Very weird. However, if levels have halved since the 25th, apparently it's fine and we will leave it at that, just giving things time to settle by themselves. I didn't know the results from the last test, since DP answered the phone and took a message.

Apparently I'm allowed to just ring them with my next pregnancy to arrange an early scan. Ahem, ok. Now we just need to get hormones in order and back to ttc.

Thatssofunny Thu 01-Aug-13 17:28:37

It's apparently dropped a bit, but not much. This is starting to get rather annoying now. Have to go in again on Monday for further tests and another scan. confused I'm off for my holiday abroad on Wednesday. hmm

nearlyreadytopop Thu 01-Aug-13 18:39:03

hi thats, what a rubbish time you have been having.
I had positive preg test 6 weeks after mmc (which was medically managed). I had very little bleeding in the 6 week interval. Two junior doctors who scanned me said everything was gone. I insisted on seeing a consultant and he immediately picked up on the scan an area of retained cystic products. If I were you I would really push to see a more senior doctor asap. I needed a erpc and had extremely heavy bloodloss resulting in a hospital stay afterwards.
it's completely rubbish you are having to deal with this as well as a mc thanks

Thatssofunny Thu 01-Aug-13 19:56:09

Thanks nearly. I hope it's nothing so serious. The lady doing the scan last week said that my lining was still quite thick and wondered whether I had gotten pregnant again (I certainly haven't), but I've been bleeding since then, so hope the picture will be a bit clearer on Monday. hmm Midwife has spoken to the consultant, who wants me back in. (I still don't understand why midwives and nurses seem to do all the care in this country,...and why it apparently seems so difficult to see a doctor. What do doctors actually do here, if they aren't there to see patients?)

I'm going to my home country for the holiday and our wedding, so I know I can go to a well-equipped hospital there, if I have to (and our local one at home is specializing in maternity care)...

How far along were you with your mmc? I was barely 5 weeks when I had the first bleed, followed by two weeks of brown stuff...and then a week of light "af-like" bleeding, so I'm not sure how much bleeding and cramping I should be expecting. I have been feeling absolutely fine for most of the time so far. confused

chocolatefrog Thu 01-Aug-13 20:26:15

Sorry for your loss. Similar situation here. I had a MMC 2 weeks ago at 12 weeks. It has completely floored me as I still had strong symptoms. Opted for ERPC to get it over with but bled heavily, had a hospital stay and transfusion. 5 days later, another heavy bleed put me back in hospital. Scan showed retained products (don't you just love that term!!). I had misoprostal, passed some more, but still not all. I was sent home to wait. My head is all over the place, I need this to be over so I can deal with the emotional side of things. I have paid for a private scan that confirmed 'stuff' still there. My HCG was still 3000 a week after ERPC. Really don't know when this will be over and like you, think a more senior consultant should have intervened by this stage. Scared that they will suggest another ERPC, I know it's probably the answer but the blood loss frightened me and i'm scared it will happen again. I know this isn't the case for most people who have ERPC and don't want to frighten people who are going through this right now. I was in the minority. Anyone else been through failed ERPC and misoprostal?

Thatssofunny Mon 05-Aug-13 16:22:10

Hi chocolatfrog, sorry that you had to go through this as well. I can imagine 12 weeks being even worse. sad Hope things are getting better at your end.

Been for another blood test and levels are slowly dropping. However, if we didn't go on holiday this week, they would have given me methotrexate (?). They won't do that now, because I'll be out of the country from the end of this week. I'm supposed to take another pregnancy test when I come back from our holiday,...and hopefully levels will have dropped. (I'd like to avoid being given this stuff, quite glad we are off on holiday.)

Consultant talked about possibility of it being ectopic. I'm not sure how likely that is? Shouldn't they have found some evidence for that by now? I've had another internal scan, lining is now only 4mm (after having been 20mm last time they checked) and they couldn't see anything that might be remaining,...they checked quite thoroughly. It's now apparently a "pregnancy of unknown location". hmm

Levels since the start of this have been:
11th July - 357
13th July - 157
25th July - 225
1st Aug - 195
5th Aug - 142

Is it normal that nobody ever explains anything to you in this country? I felt like I was being a nuisance when I was asking questions. I think when I manage to get pregnant again, I'll go to the hospital near my work. Not sure I'm keen on our local one (one of the nurses was really nice,...but everyone else just made me feel like I was wasting their time,... sad Also don't like being sent from pillar to post and answering the same questions over and over, because each time I go in I see someone else.)

chocolatefrog Mon 05-Aug-13 20:01:35

Thatsso I can understand your frustration. The fact that your lining has gone down must be a good thing and it has coincided with your hcg levels falling. Perhaps it's just taking your body a little while longer to pass everything? Everybody is different and maybe if it is not all passed yet then you will continue to get a hcg reading. Have they suggested methotrexate (?) because they suspect it's ectopic? Surely that would have shown up on an internal scan? I would be pushing them to give you answers/more scans if you are going away. A 'pregnancy of unknown location' is not helpful and scary for you. I agree that things aren't explained well at times.

I have had another scan that shows I still have 'products'. They think it's blood clots but it could be placenta. My hcg has gone to 196. They don't want to see me again and think that my body will just 'pass' it. I am quite angry that I have just been dismissed and they don't want to follow this up. I will have a blood test at dr's this week to measure hcg levels and I hope and pray it has come down further. Still getting a positive pregnancy test. I am so stressed by this, I can't relax or sleep because I am worried it may be placenta and could I could get an infection. I need it to be out and over for my sanity. I have never wanted a period so much (so to speak).

Thatssofunny Mon 05-Aug-13 20:59:43

chocolatefrog I think I actually cheered when she told me about the lining. grin How did they determine that you still have "products"? If nothing shows up on my internal scan, can I assume that there isn't anything left? (The nurse I asked wasn't terribly forthcoming with information.)
Hoping for af to make a proper appearance soon, too (preferably after my wedding and before the end of the holidays). I just want to get on with life...and ttc.
They suggested methotrexate because the levels are dropping so slowly; consultant mentioned ectopic more as an afterthought, it seemed. However, since they seem to drop a bit more quickly now, I was just told that they can't really do anything else at this point...considering that I won't be in the country to be given the injection. I'll just wait for it to drop now and hope for the best. If anything does happen while I'm away, I'll go to hospital at home. Would actually feel in better hands there, but too far to make this a more frequent occurrence. I'm trying to drink loads, which seems to help, especially because I generally drink too little anyway and it means a real effort on my part to drink enough.

Did you ask for your Dr to do the blood test or was that offered to you? I was told to ring them again, if pg test was still positive when I come back. Fingers crossed that it isn't.
Hope everything goes well and that your levels are dropping.

chocolatefrog Mon 05-Aug-13 21:28:36

If nothing showed up on your scan then you don't have any retained products. That's good, and I think you just need to wait for your hcg levels to drop. From what I have read (which is way too much on this subject!) it can vary hugely from person to person. Your levels are dropping so that is a good thing. I have had 3 scans since ERPC and each one has shown 'products'. It is getting less and I am still bleeding sporadically so they think it is more 'clots' than placenta. I requested blood tests by GP. They were happy for me to be discharged with no further follow up. I asked for blood tests and she said to have them at my local GP surgery if it would ease my 'anxiety'. I felt quite patronised that she referred to me as anxious.......yes I bloody am, in fact i'm probably quite neurotic at the moment. I am worried that if it is placenta it may get infected etc... It's a stressful situation to be in, I hope you can relax and enjoy your holiday back home. Is it your wedding?

Thatssofunny Mon 05-Aug-13 22:01:30

I have been feeling rather patronised as well, but was wondering whether that's a general thing or related to me being foreign. hmm I've never had that "at home", but was under private medical care there, which is why I'm considering to get it again for the UK (if someone donates the 2k per year that I'll need to me on a yearly basis).
It is my wedding, yes. grin It's a "close family only" affair, and most - if not all - of my family know that I've miscarried. Would have loved to bring a little bump with me, but it wasn't meant to be. Means I get to try all the different wines we had picked, (three different red, three white and a sparkling one)... wink

chocolatefrog Mon 05-Aug-13 22:14:38

Have a fabulous day! Try and put everything aside for the day and enjoy it. good luck x

BrookeR98 Tue 13-Feb-18 22:39:17

I had a miscarriage almost 3 weeks ago. Blood was shown on a scan which the oncologist said that I have had a complete miscarriage. Could they be wrong?

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