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Threatened Miscarriage?

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Edamame Tue 23-Jul-13 09:06:43

I'm 6+3, 41 years old, first child... Yesterday I had some cramping which lasted all day and night and also some very light spotting (brown). Absolutely gutted. Today the cramping has eased up but the spotting continues, not getting any heavier or redder so far. Boobs not so painful as they have been for the last couple of weeks. confused

My sensible side says to wait and see and try not to worry unless symptoms get worse or there's pain on one side etc. And then maybe try to get a scan when I'm 7 weeks. But would I be missing or risking something by not getting checked out sooner? Should I push for an early scan or a blood test via GP / EPU?

Bakingtins Tue 23-Jul-13 09:53:41

Hi edamame. I'm sorry you are worried. It is quite possible to have cramping and spotting (or even heavy bleeding) and for it all to be ok, but of course it can also be the first signs that all is not well. I've had it go both ways.
There is nothing that you can do that will affect the outcome. Whether you seek a scan or two HCG blood tests 48 hrs apart, or whether you wait and see, really depends on which is better for you coping-wise. At 6+3 you ought to be able to see a heartbeat on an internal scan at EPU, but equally if they can't then it's too early to say it's definitely a miscarriage because if your dates were a few days out it might well still be ok, and then you are waiting another week for a second scan.
I think the only situation in which you are "risking something" would be if there is any suggestion of the pregnancy being ectopic, so if you are in pain get yourself checked out.
I hope it all settles down for you and that your pregnancy progresses normally, but if not then there are lots of people here who have been through it to hold hands or offer advice.

Edamame Wed 24-Jul-13 11:40:37

Hi bakingtins, thanks for your advice. The cramping & spotting has stopped, it lasted less than 24 hours in total. I have a Dr appointment in a few days so will wait til then unless there's pain in the meantime.

I guess all the anxiety of pregnancy and learning to deal with it is good preparation for being a parent...

Edamame Wed 24-Jul-13 11:42:09

Just realised my last comment could come across as very insensitive - didn't mean to upset anyone.

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