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Am I kidding myself... Mindless rant included!!!

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Pawprint Sat 20-Jul-13 17:12:52

I had four miscarriages before my son was born. Unfortunately two of mine happened at about the same stage you are and proceeded in a similar way.

Hope can be very cruel I hope you find out either way soon.

Whatnameforme Sat 20-Jul-13 16:54:09

Thanks for replying. I'm struggling to act like everything is fine with everyone. Maybe telling some people would be better. I'm not sure if the tea and sympathy would make me feel better or worse? I know in my head that its not going to be good news, but my heart still says you never know! Building myself up for another blow tomorrow.

Thatssofunny Sat 20-Jul-13 16:03:56

My HCG levels dropped last week, at about 5 weeks, too. Started bleeding and spotting, no pain whatsoever. Sorry, positive outcome here. I'm still spotting and pregnancy test was very faint yesterday. I'm waiting for it to stop spotting and for the test to come out negative before trying again. Hope it turns out differently for you, though.

However, my family and several people at work know about it. It was my first pregnancy and we had been ttc for quite a long time. I feel it helps to talk about it, since it makes you realise that this does actually happen to other people, too,...and it isn't just you.

Pawprint Sat 20-Jul-13 14:27:44

Sorry to hear this. Why is it that when one miscarries, someone else seems to announce a pregnancy?

As far as you are concerned, if the HCG levels are dropping then that is usually a bad sign, I'm afraid.

Hope you get an answer soon.

Whatnameforme Sat 20-Jul-13 13:49:37

I found out I was about 5 weeks pregnant on Sunday, not planned and to be honest a complete shock! Me and dh discussed what to do and decided that although we have 3 dc's and thought we were done we were both pleased with our happy accident. On Monday I went to the dr to start prenatal, on Wednesday I started spotting. Went to a&e took my hcg level and said it was low. Scan was inconclusive? Friday I had another blood test and my hcg level has dropped but only by a very small amount. The bleeding is on and off all week? No real pains or anything. I've got to have another blood test tomorrow. Am I losing this baby? Is there any chance the pregnancy will continue? Am I just hoping because...
Making me feel much worse is that a step daughter has announced her pregnancy, both doing well. Neither works, no where to live, general wastes of space!!! I guess I'm a bit angry and jealous. I haven't even told anyone. It feels horrible that I'm losing the baby and having to carry on with everything like it doesn't matter, doesn't count! Sorry ranting and wishing over sad

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