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Can't take misoprostol as b/feeding, what to do??

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frutilla Sat 20-Jul-13 01:29:58

Today my doc wrote me a prescription for Oxyprost which is a mix of misoprostol and diclofenac (live in a catholic country so no pure stuff). I would be 11.5 weeks but fetus stopped growing at 6 weeks. Have had 6 days of bleeding, but scan showed sac still there.
Doc just emailed me back (I had forgotten to ask him earlier) to say no, I can't take the Oxyprost as I am still b/feeding toddler. He said I could express that day but I never managed to get milk out with a pump, even electric. Also, doubt I could handle dealing with the miscarriage and the screaming toddler (and his brother), nor could my DH.
Any advice what to do? Has acupuncture worked for anyone? Might it happen naturally in the next few weeks??
Thanks in advance!

Bakingtins Sat 20-Jul-13 07:42:09

I'm sorry, Frutilla it's a horrible situation to be in. It may be worth contacting Wendy, the pharmacist at breastfeeding network ( details on their website) as she is v good on drugs in breastmilk and may be able to reassure you it's ok to take. Most medicines have a blanket ban on use in pregnancy and lactation without actually specifying if there is a risk. How often does your toddler feed? It may make a difference if BM is not the major part of his diet.
Other than that I guess it will happen naturally, your body has started the process of miscarrying. I do think there is something in the theory that once you know and have accepted that the baby has died your body can let go. It's very hard to have it dragging out though. Is an ERPC an option? It would still involve separation from your toddler but most GA drugs are ok when breastfeeding and it's normally less than a whole day in hospital.

frutilla Sat 20-Jul-13 15:34:02

Thanks Bakingtins, I could go for the ERPC, I guess I will wait as long as possible for it to happen and then go for that option. The doc told me not to take the Oxaprost while b/feeding (contains misoprostol and diclofenac) so that's ruled out. I just know my body is pretty damn stubborn (!) had section two as I went post term.

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