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Spotting without any pain - am I just waiting for it to hit me?

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Thatssofunny Sun 14-Jul-13 11:58:11

Hi all,

hate being here, but there's nothing I can do. So, here goes...
I found out yesterday that I'm having a miscarriage (first pregnancy...great start...). Spotting and light bleeding since last Thursday, HCG levels apparently dropped between Thursday and Saturday (they were only at about 350 to start with...not sure whether that's very low for just five weeks).

Thing is, I haven't had any pain at all so far. No cramping, no heavy loss of blood. Mostly just brown spotting. I do feel a bit dizzy, but I'm not sure whether that's from the heat and dehydration (I know I don't drink enough...but really tried in the past week). Doctor told me to take a pregnancy test next week, which should by then be negative...and to ring them, if it isn't.

Am I now just waiting for the blood loss and the cramping or will that (hopefully) be it now and just go on like this for the next few days? My periods usually involve bad cramping and I tend to take paracetamol to get through the first day, so this is a very bizarre experience for me.

Really confused...confused

Bakingtins Sun 14-Jul-13 12:10:14

Sorry to hear that. sad.
At 5 weeks there will not be all that much pregnancy tissue to pass, but you will lose a thicker womb lining than in a normal period, so it's likely to be a bit worse physically than a period but not light-years away from that. It doesn't sound like that has happened yet but it may be that it's just happening gradually over a period of days. Hope it is all over for you soon.
I think it's common to be preoccupied with getting through the physical aspects and feeling fairly numb to start with. We're here if/when you need emotional support too.

Thatssofunny Sun 14-Jul-13 17:39:32

Thanks Bakingtins. I think I'm ok on the emotional side for the moment. I'm a control freak and this miscarriage is not something I have control over. The only thing I can control at this point is getting through it and trying again as soon as possible. I think I already knew that it was over on that Thursday. It's taken us a good two years to get to these five weeks and I find it incredibly unfair that this was supposedly it. However, after beginning to doubt that I can fall pregnant at all (I'm at the point where I looked into adoption), I now know that I am capable of it...the next challenge is for it to stick. I had found out quite early on that I was pregnant, but it hadn't actually fully sunk in, yet. This might sound a bit heartless, but I've gone through so many months of ttc and then being devastated when af arrived, I don't have the strength to be devastated and sad anymore. It will happen. At some point. And when it does, it will be great. Until then...all I can do is get on with life.

I think the fact that it is currently physically painless also makes it appear less of a loss. Sounds horrible,...but I haven't "felt" pregnant once in these five weeks, which might have caused less of an emotional attachment.

Bakingtins Sun 14-Jul-13 19:25:21

Funny how everyone reacts so differently. Many women have said how hurt they were by "at least you can get pregnant". However you choose to deal with it is fine, and I hope the often quoted post-MC boost to fertility works in your favour.

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