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Desperately seeking advice!

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PinaColadas Thu 04-Jul-13 18:27:40

Hello ladies, I wonder if anyone could offer me some advice. I started MCing at 12 weeks - 21 days ago.
I have been bleeding until Monday just gone but for the 4/5 days up until then it was brown and there wasn't much of it at all, only like in my normal discharge. All of a sudden today I have started what I believe to be my period?! It's quite light at the moment but is accompanied by cramps (MC cramping stopped about 2 weeks ago)
I'm really not sure what to do because Dr told me to wait for one period before trying again, but how can I be sure this is my period! I don't want to wait ANOTHER month when I already feel like we have wasted 4 months from this losssad
Anyone else experience a period this soon? I was expecting 4-6 weeks?
Also just in case it isn't should we really wait to be on the safe side or is this 'wait a month' lark just for dating? A colleague frightened me a bit talking about someone she knows who tried straight away and lost it again and was told it was because she didn't let her hormones get back to normal.

So sorry for long boring post and really appreciate anyone who took the time to read wine

Bakingtins Sat 10-Aug-13 04:16:23

I'm really pleased someone finally listened to you. Wishing you a speedy recovery from the surgery, and hope your results come back that it's not molar.

PinaColadas Sat 10-Aug-13 19:47:31

Thanks very much smile

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