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Desperately seeking advice!

(27 Posts)
PinaColadas Thu 04-Jul-13 18:27:40

Hello ladies, I wonder if anyone could offer me some advice. I started MCing at 12 weeks - 21 days ago.
I have been bleeding until Monday just gone but for the 4/5 days up until then it was brown and there wasn't much of it at all, only like in my normal discharge. All of a sudden today I have started what I believe to be my period?! It's quite light at the moment but is accompanied by cramps (MC cramping stopped about 2 weeks ago)
I'm really not sure what to do because Dr told me to wait for one period before trying again, but how can I be sure this is my period! I don't want to wait ANOTHER month when I already feel like we have wasted 4 months from this losssad
Anyone else experience a period this soon? I was expecting 4-6 weeks?
Also just in case it isn't should we really wait to be on the safe side or is this 'wait a month' lark just for dating? A colleague frightened me a bit talking about someone she knows who tried straight away and lost it again and was told it was because she didn't let her hormones get back to normal.

So sorry for long boring post and really appreciate anyone who took the time to read wine

Bakingtins Thu 04-Jul-13 18:49:21

I would think it's more likely that you'll bleed a little and possibly pass some clot then it will settle again. I guess the next few days will tell if it's AF or a random day of bleeding. I've never managed to get pregnant in the WTF cycle, would doubt I ovulate, but also first AF tends to be heavy and a " clear out" so I feel more physically ready after that. I know of people who've got pregnant without a period and it's all worked out, and of people who have MC again.Who can say if that's because hormones or endometrium weren't ready or if it would have happened anyway.

PinaColadas Thu 04-Jul-13 18:55:10

Ok thanks I think I better see what the next few days bring. I just really want to try again! Sorry to be dim but whats WTF?

Bakingtins Fri 05-Jul-13 08:08:49

What the F**k

Sorry for obscure abbreviations - it's how the cycle after a miscarriage is described on the TTC after MC threads, because it seems anything goes and you'll drive yourself mad trying to make sense of the hormonal weirdness.

PinaColadas Fri 05-Jul-13 08:11:09

Ha I thought that was what it meant. Yes it makes complete sense, in fact, makes sense in relation to the whole experience

BabyStone Fri 05-Jul-13 08:29:21

Hi Pina, im so sorry for your loss. After both my MCs, my period came within around 3weeks after the MC bleeding.(I found out I was pregnant, had a MC Feb '12, was told to wait til after one month,which we did, found out I was pregnant, had a MC May '12, was told it was probably best to wait until i had had at least a few periods due to having 2MCs so close together, by July I was pregnant again and had my son in March) My periods also returned to normal about 3-4 weeks after having a vaginal birth. So I think it is possible this is your period. Sorry for the long post and I know a lot of couples find it difficult to get pregnant again so soon and they tell you to wait, but its up to you, only you know when you are ready. Also my SIL was having a MC and still ttc and she did get pregnant again, you are very fertile during and just after a MC or giving birth. I don't want to raise your hopes but this is just what happened to us. Good Luck flowers

josiejumper Fri 05-Jul-13 09:21:53

Often people are told to wait more for an emotional break rather than a physical one, if you feel ready, then go ahead. There is nothing more stressful than being told not to try and get pregnant, when you do desperately want to. Take it easy, enjoy each other and remember your body will do things when it is ready.

PinaColadas Fri 05-Jul-13 19:20:21

Thanks guys, yes I figure if its not my AF that I won't get pregnancy anyway, whatever happens will be right for my body, I guess I'm just fearful of the guilt of another MC IF it does happen straight away, that ill kick myself for not giving it time. There are so so many mixed messages but I feel like its just for dating. Bleeding today anyway so think it must be my AF. The main doubt in my mind is because its light and EPU said first after MC is heavy. But my MC was so drastically heavy I wonder if I was already 'cleared out'
If only we knew all the answers eh?

PinaColadas Fri 05-Jul-13 21:45:10

Decided it probably isn't AF, remembered EPU telling me to take pregnancy test in 3 weeks time so have done one tonight and its still a pretty strong positive, I'm sure you can't have AF with those kinds of hormones still in your body. Need to relax and take each day as it comes now. Just can't believe this MC is still going strong after 3 weeks. Fed up!!!

OhBuggerMe Sat 06-Jul-13 06:23:00

Have you had a scan? If you're still getting a bfp 3 weeks on id suggest you push for a scan.

PinaColadas Sat 06-Jul-13 08:54:52

Yes had a scan the day after my massive influx of bleeding and was told it was a complete MC with only a 'little bit left' and I would spot for a week or so! So confused sad

Bakingtins Sat 06-Jul-13 08:55:56

I've always taken at least 3 weeks to get a negative HPT and that was from 8-10 weeks of pregnancy, so it doesn't surprise me you still have a positive test. They do normally monitor your blood HCG levels from that point to make sure they are falling if you are still testing positive, so worth contacting either EPU or your GP and speaking to them about it. Did you have a post MC scan to make sure everything had been passed?

EeyoreIsh Sat 06-Jul-13 09:09:23

pina sorry to hear you're going through this. I actually bled for 4 weeks with my mc, and it was a bit stop/start towards the end.

But I think you should make an appointment with your gp or go back to your epu for a scan, as iirc this can be a sign of infection. Are you otherwise well? I would try and get seen today if you can.

PinaColadas Sat 06-Jul-13 09:29:33

Yes otherwise I'm perfectly well, still definitely got signs of hormones as BBS are still quite sore. I really can't go today I've got plans I can't let some one down with, you're right though I should see someone to make sure the hormone levels are dropping. I'm quite disappointed in the lack of after care from the EPU really, they told me they would request a pregnancy test after 3 weeks and I've heard nothing. I'm definitely not still PG or anything, the second scan was definitely complete MC

PinaColadas Mon 05-Aug-13 20:05:06

Just thought I would update and see if anyone can offer any advice, went to doctors last week because I'm still bleeding, will be 8 weeks on Wednesday since my first show of MC, I'm getting so so fed up, I just want to try again. Doctor told me to relax and said doesn't sound like I've got an infection because don't feel unwell/no 'horrible' smell. He said he could prescribe a combi pill to try and stop the bleeding and regulate but said to just let my body be. I'm so so fed up! 8 weeks seems far too long. Sob

chocolatefrog Mon 05-Aug-13 20:22:21

Pina I really feel for you. You can't move on and draw a line under it whilst this is still happening. Have you done a HPT recently, is it still positive? Perhaps phone the EPU and see what they say?!

Bakingtins Mon 05-Aug-13 20:43:29

I agree with chocolate you need to have HCG levels checked if you still have a positive test and I'd push for a scan to see if there is anything retained, even if it was thought to be complete at the time. It's horrible that it is dragging out like this, must make it very hard to move on in all senses.

PinaColadas Mon 05-Aug-13 21:08:31

Thanks guys, did a couple of tests last week and thought I could see a line but wasn't sure, might have to buy another tomorrow and see. I rung EPU and they said speak to doctor. Just wish I could forget the whole thing and feel like I can't until this all stops.
Irrational moment here- I'm so worried there's some infection in there and ill end up unable to have children at all. Everything is irrational at the moment, that's a definite after effect of MC!

chocolatefrog Mon 05-Aug-13 21:37:09

Pina I am the same. I had ERPC 2 1/2 weeks ago, 4 days later I had medical management as I had retained products. Recent scans have shown I still have something there. They are not sure what but think it is more likely to be clots. I had 2 lots of strong antibiotics after medical management but finished them a week ago. Every twinge or ache I have in my pelvis fills me with dread as I think I have an infection. I opted for the ERPC as I wanted it sorted (it was a mmc at 12weeks) yet 3 weeks on I am still in limbo.
If you get pain, raised temp etc then go straight to your dr. Get your hcg checked at your dr's surgery and ask to be referred to a consultant if you don't feel anything is being sorted. Take care.

PinaColadas Wed 07-Aug-13 08:23:20

Tanks chocolate, well did a test this morning and still getting a faint positive, after 8 weeks argh!! I know this sounds daft but after going to doc last week ill feel stupid going back, I'll give it a few more days. I'm just thinking if there's retained products that they're probably not budging on their own and I too am just going to be stuck in limbo continuing to bleed and unable to try for another baby. Fed. Up.

EssieEttie Wed 07-Aug-13 10:35:05

Hello Pina. I would definitely push for a scan to check everything has gone - I can't understand why they wouldn't offer you one if you are still bleeding at this stage (especially if they confirmed early on there were some 'products' still to pass, did I read that correctly?) Please don't hang on if you sense you need to be seen, you know your body better than any doctor does. Is there any possibility of seeing a different doctor within your practice for a second opinion?

PinaColadas Wed 07-Aug-13 10:43:35

Hi Essie, yes at my scan the morning after my big bleed they said it was a complete miscarriage but there were still a few bits in there that I would bleed out in the next few weeks, but that was 7 weeks ago, I had spotting on the Tuesday, first scan on the Wednesday that confirmed MC and then the Saturday night was when I bled heavily and went to A and E, Monday I had the scan.
Unfortunately my doctors surgery is really small and only 1 doctor, he is really nice but can be a bit too relaxed for my liking.

On one hand I really feel like i'm being melodramatic and he has already told me to go away and chill, but on the other I do really want a scan so I know for sure whats going on down there!! I'm not bleeding yet today so might see how today goes and if I do ill try and get an appointment back at Doctors tomorrow.

EssieEttie Thu 08-Aug-13 00:36:51

That's a shame there's just the one doc. Is there an EPU you can go to and explain the situation? I really can't see them taking your situation lightly, especially as you were told there were products remaining that no one has since checked have been passed. I had a friend who continued to bleed and it turned out there was a tiny bit of placenta remaining so I don't think you are being melodramatic in the slightest. I bled the standard length of time following my own loss, but my subsequent 'periods' were very odd (clotty, on and off etc) so I went back to the GPs to check everything was ok and I was given a scan which is why I'm struggling to see why your GP won't investigate; at the vey least to give you peace of mind so you may be more inclined to chill as he put it! Anyway, I sincerely hope you turned a corner today physically, but if not, maybe you could go back and actually request a scan and see what he says? Really hope this is resolved quickly for you.

Bakingtins Thu 08-Aug-13 08:18:12

Pina do you have or can you get hold of the phone number for the EPU or gynae department where you were treated and speak to them directly? I think 8 weeks is well outside the expected range to still be getting a positive test and still bleeding and I think you need to insist that you are checked out by someone who deals with this stuff all the time.
HUGS. You must feel physically and emotionally drained and you really need to be able to draw a line and move on.

PinaColadas Fri 09-Aug-13 22:48:21

Just thought I would update you, thanks for the continued support guys. After hassling doctors and EPAU yesterday finally some one listened to me and I got a scan this morning. Lots of retained tissue still there and they thought maybe it was molar which is a bit scary. Rushed me for a ERPC this afternoon and have sent the tissue off to be tested for molar. So glad some one finally listened and just shows to go with your gut instinct. They said doctor should have sent me weeks ago because I've been getting positive tests. My local NHS has failed me in so many ways these past 8 weeks.
Thanks again for the support, hopefully now I can get my body back to normal.

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