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Not again?

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escorpion Sun 23-Jun-13 14:32:36

Thanks Bakingtins. That will be my first step to POAS and take it from there. Thanks for your support x

Bakingtins Sun 23-Jun-13 09:15:30

So horrible to be at the stage when a positive test (or even the prospect of it) is a cause for terror not joy, even though all you want is a baby. You are stronger than you think. You will get through it, even if (god forbid) you miscarry again, because what other option is there? Take every day you are pregnant as a positive POAS, POAS! and find some others in the same boat, there's a really nice thread on the pregnancy board for those preg after MC. Wishing you all the luck in the world for a successful outcome.

escorpion Sun 23-Jun-13 02:03:32

I started spotting about a week ago, my period due tomorrow but no sign. When I say spotting I mean pink/brown cm after a number two and on two ocassions a red glob, smaller than a pea but looked like solid more than liquid blood iyswim. I think I am pregnant, itchy boobs what happened last time. With my last pregnancy I spotted a week before too, and spotted for several weeks after until at an 8 week scan they confirmed a mmc.
I can´t do this again. I am not stong enough to go through another miscarriage and I´m petrified. I really don´t know what to do. I haven´t told anyone else yet, I am in a different country to the rest of my family, and I wanted to wait to see over the next few days if anything else changes. I am just at a loss. Just wanted some hand holding and support.

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