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What has happened to my body since miscarriage?

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butterfly86 Sat 22-Jun-13 20:37:09

Hi just wondering if anybody has experienced anything like this, I've had 4 mc the last one was at the beginning of march and every month since then I've had mid cycle bleeding. It always happens around the same point in my cycle but it's quite a significant bleed not just spotting. I've. been using opk's the last couple of months so I cant track ovulation to get my progesterone tested, I've finally got a smiley today on cd19 but I started to bleed a little bit the last couple of days and bled a lot more today a similar flow to the first couple of days of a period and bright red. I've also had sore breasts since about day 11/12 and I thought maybe I'd already ovulated but I hadn't so I've had. that for a week before ov my last period was really light was almost just spotting which is unusual for me.
We aren't ttc at the moment. I have an appointment to see the doctor on monday as I'm really concerned about it now I also have an app with my consultant in a few weeks so I will mention then too but just wondered if anybody could shed any light?

icklemssunshine1 Wed 03-Jul-13 16:38:47

Sorry butterfly. Makes me so angry we have to go through hell to have a child & some people have it so easy sad

Hope you're feeling okay today.

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