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Book recommendations to help understand MC?

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RainbowConnections Wed 19-Jun-13 09:54:35

Second MC this morning, 7 weeks after first one. Awful as it sounds there's an element of relief as I've been stressed from the beginning. Thanks for responses to various earlier posts. Not the awful experience of the first one but depressing all the same.

Trying to accept that this back-to-back experience is just random, and not what I can expect next time. I know this is the general answer to 2 early MCs.

Think it might help to find a book with some good information. I really want to better understand what happens, rather than a book about the emotional impact. But I guess a book focused on testing won't be relevant either.

Any recommendations welcome thanks.

squizita Wed 19-Jun-13 10:54:06

Two books that are both emotionally supportive and scientifically factual are:

Miscarriage by Lesley Regan

Coming To Term by Jon Cohen

Both cover the 'science' but also have practical advice and hopeful stories about women coming to terms with their loss and (usually successfully) trying again.

You can get them cheap 2nd hand on Amazon... I like to think those second hand books are from women who have had a child since their loss and no longer need the book. grin

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