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Bleeding 3mths after 2 ERPCs and v worried.

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Elsie7 Mon 17-Jun-13 06:59:39

Thank you so much for your post x
So sorry that you have had yet another loss. Its so frustrating not knowing whats wrong isnt it?!
May i ask the name of the soecialist thst you are going to see now for more hormone tests? Do you know when hey should be done exactly? I had mine 2nd day of my period to see if i had PCOS as i have polycystic ovaries but no other symptoms of the syndrome. Do you mind me asking if you have the same?
Thank you for your kind words xxx
Sending hugs and thank yous xxxxxx

xXjunebugXx Mon 17-Jun-13 00:46:39

So, so sorry for you loss Elsie. I wish I could answer your questions but sadly I can't. I too am bleeding weirdly, well was before my 3rd miscarriage. I keep having mid cycle bleeding and my hormone tests the GP did came back normal. I thought everything was OK so we tried again and I lost again. I'm convinced there is something wrong with my hormones though, I will be seeing a specialist now so they will be done at the exact right time. The GP just did them and said they were normal.
You could request tests on CD21...but I'm not sure if CD21 is the standard day for everyone as I think it just means that you are 7dpo. So have a standard 28 day cycle. Someone else might have more knowledge on that though. Mid cycle isn't normal and should be checked out.

Sorry, not much help really :/

Elsie7 Sun 16-Jun-13 22:34:55

This is my first post here so apologies if im doing this all wrong! Im just desperate for some help and advice re: bleeding. We lost identical MCMA twins just after christmas and being new to the whole pregnancy and mc thing i opted for an ERPC the day after we found out the twins had died. Even though the nurses were lovely in the NHS hospital, the operation did not go smoothly and i ended up being taken to surgery only 15mins after the pessaries had been inserted to try and open my very happy closed up cervix! Needless to say they had a nightmare getting me open, but after much battling said that the operation was a success and it was complete. After huge amounts of bleeding and clots i was discharged from hospital 15hours later. 2 days later at home the bleeding picked up and i ended back in hospital a couple of days later and was told there was still products to pass. I was sent home and went through a week and a half of excruciating pain and passing quite a lot of tissue and lots of blood. Two weeks and two scans later i was discharged and told the miscarriage was complete and to go home and start making babies!
An infection (strepp. milleri) and antibiotics later, i still didnt feel well and asked to be referred to a gynae by my GP who basically refused and said (without examining me) that i had a problem with grief and to go home and get over it!
I ended up going to a private gynae in harley street who scanned me. In 30secs they found my womb was still packed with retained products, heavily distended, calcified and with its own blood supply. They found my ovaries were polycystic (even though NHS had repeatedly said they were normal!) and my cervix was still open. They said i was days away from a 'life threatening bleed or infection'. I had the medical management for a week and then back to harley street for a 2nd ERPC. The gynae said it was very tricky as the products were tenacious after being left so long. That i night i passed what looked like a decidual cast but after that bleeding was much lighter.

Forgive the long story but i wondered if the following post op bleeding is familiar to anyone?:

2nd ERPC - bled for 2 weeks lightly.
7 days no bleed
Then 2wks light bleeding
Scan showed NO retained products or visible scarring etc
2wks no bleeding
First apparent period (seemed normal)
8 days no bleeding
2weeks light bleeding
Given course of norethisterone for 10 days to 'reset cycle'
After finished pills, had a period/ withdrawal bleed.
8 days no bleed and then...

2 days ago started light bleeding and spotting again!!

I just want to get back to normal!! Its been 16weeks since my 2nd ERPC and my husband and I are desperate!!
I had full hormonal blood tests done on 2nd day of period/withdrawal bleed and all came back normal. Had full swabs done last month too and all clear for infections too!

If its not hormones/retained products/infection... What could it be???!!
Im trying to see DR again tomorrow for a referral.

Any ideas what else it could be/ what i could do?!!

Thank you so much for reading all if this and so sorry its so long.

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