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Possible pregnant but same miscarriage symptoms

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squizita Fri 14-Jun-13 09:11:47

I agree with what Baking said. Also, AF being 'weird' can come and go for ages after a MC, you think you're back to normal then it's funny. Try not to worry (impossible I know)!

Bakingtins Thu 13-Jun-13 20:11:26

I think it would probably be too early for a HPT to show a positive if you are only 8-9 days post ovulation. Apparently about 50% of conceptions fail, mostly before a period would have happened so unless you are testing very early then you'd not be aware of them. It's possible that you have conceived and you are recognising the pattern of hormones that means that it's not going well, but it could equally be other hormonal weirdness (or signs of a successful pregnancy making you feel unwell) I wouldn't torture yourself with testing unless your period is late.
It's tough being pregnant after you've suffered a loss, so if you do miss your period and get good news from a HPT then join the PG after MC thread for some hand holding through the anxious weeks. Good luck.

Stacey19892008 Thu 13-Jun-13 19:37:13

Hi, just looking for a bit of advice, I've got a son aged 5 and daughter age 3, fell pregnant immediately with them once we made the decision to have a baby, we decided to start for another baby when my daughter was 18 months, after over a year and a half of trying we fell pregnant end of January 2013 but sadly miscarried march 5th at 6 weeks, a week before the miscarriage I was experiencing extreme tiredness, headache an dizziness and a constant strange cramp like feeling ( sorry I can't quite describe it ) which this lasted till end of the miscarriage, I've had 3 normal AF's since the natural MC and I never get period cramps

I'm not due my AF till 18th of this month, but I'm experiencing all the same symptoms, is it possible to be pregnant but about to have a miscarriage again and if I took a home pregnancy test, would it be too early to test


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