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How do I know when I have passed the foetal sac during miscarriage?

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Monkeybrain10 Sat 08-Jun-13 22:37:50

Sorry if it is tmi, but many people mention the sac and when the baby passed etc but all I know is that I had many days of ridiculously heavy bleeding and passed numerous large clots (at least one was literally a large handful) and many smaller. They all looked like red clots. I was 9 and half weeks and still bleeding (more like period) now which is 3 weeks later.
I am curious about the sac thing as I feel a little bit stupid for not knowing which bit was our baby :-(
Big love and hugs to anyone out there who has or is having mc.

longestlurkerever Sun 13-Jul-14 09:27:47

Aw Monkey That has just set me off crying! Opened up this thread to post my experience and delighted to read the happy ending. Sorry to everyone going through this. May you get your happy endings too.

hismissuspj Thu 14-Aug-14 10:50:50

Hi I found out 2 days ago when I should of been 12 weeks my baby only made it to 5 as u mc at 5.5 how did u know your baby had passed through please im hoping baby goes naturally

Heathcliff27 Thu 14-Aug-14 11:00:54

Congratulations monkey thanks

northdownmummy Fri 15-Aug-14 12:10:53

Really pleased to hear your happy ending monkey, it's giving me some hope of happier days ahead

Boco2 Fri 15-Aug-14 15:32:13

Hi ladies,
Firstly I'm so sorry you're experiencing a miscarriage - I'm currently going through a medical one and it's a pretty miserable experience (I feel slightly in shock still - the bad news, then the hideous pain of the meds that made me feel unbelievably ill and now just feeling v sad). I think I've just passed the yolk sac - it'll literally slipped out after waiting a couple of days for the bleeding to start (I'm still only bleeding lightly) - when it passed it felt solid and round. I couldn't really see it in the toilet bowl and have just flushed it away but am now sitting here wishing I hadn't and that I'd scooped it out and found it somewhere nice to be buried. Wishing you all lots of support from your loved ones and a speedy recovery. As my Mum has said, hopefully there's another baby waiting in the wings for us all. X

shirley21 Wed 18-Mar-15 15:39:43

Im 11 weeks and yest when I went to toilet I passed a lot of blood and it felt like a clot fell out, Iv only had a wee bit bleeding since but its dark. I guess Im having a miscarriage but not sure Im very scared

karanger Fri 27-Nov-15 15:38:37

Hi there I was wondering if anyone could help me because I'm finding nothing online and the hospital don't tend to be so organized and do not explain things very well. On the 22nd of October me and my partner went for what would have been our 12 week ultrascan to find out that the sac was present but the baby had "dissolved" which really confuses me. When we went for the 8 week scan we saw the babies small flickering heartbeat which was adorable. I've had scans for the past month and I've had on and off bleeding which hasn't been heavy at all. And sometimes it's just been brown discharge? The bleeding seems to be stopping more and more each day but I've had some small red blood clots. I went hospital last Thursday and they did another internal scan which proved the sac was Still present and it has shrunk in size. I've been bleeding since the 4th of November and in wondering If I should just wait it out or to have the surgery? Does it usually take this long to pass sac. And does the sac come out in clots? I know I'm describing this in a lot of detail but I'm truly struggling to find someone who has had the same situation as me. My next doctor appointment isn't till the 15th of December and I'm uncertain as to what to do. If you could share some experiences with me that would be great thank you in advance xxx

RoTo72 Fri 27-Nov-15 17:43:12

Hi karanger, I went for scan two weeks ago, said fetus measures 6 weeks no heartbeat, thought I was a lot further than that. Went back Monday of this week and confirmed missed miscarriage. Wanted to give it a week to see if I could miscarry naturally. Iv had cramping and v slight brown/pink/red spotting when wiping this past few weeks. This week tho the cramping was more like contractions than period pains but still just slight spotting. I phoned wed and asked for surgical management as to be honest, the idea of more.pain and heavy blood loss frightened me. I had op this morning. I'm glad I did as they said I was 12 weeks pregnant but baby died at 6 weeks. Can't believe it happened that ling ago without much symptoms. I feel it wad the right option for me. Was in at 7.45 had op showered and home before 12. And the staff at epu were amazingly kind and understanding. I hope I can heal physically now but know it will take a hell of a lot longer to get over my loss. Hope u dint have to suffer much longer xx

Jesscooper123 Wed 07-Sep-16 17:12:42

I recently had a medical abortion. Im a single mother of two kids already and trying to make ends meet my question is how do i know if i passed the baby something felt slimey coming out i looked in toilet and it was a golf ball size white ball was that the sac did i pass the baby the labor pains stopped as soon as i passed it i woke up this am feelin pretty good barely bleeding jus need to know am i ok os this all normal nit to bleed mucb the day after passing the baby?

Sofee123 Thu 15-Sep-16 18:34:26

I'm going through a miscarriage at the moment, I should be 11 weeks pregnant but stopped growing at 6 weeks. Had brown spotting for 3 days then last night started with cramps, which have continued today then started bleeding bright red this morning. Have had a couple of clots and now bleeding has really slowed down in the last couple of hours, cramping pretty much stopped too. I'm not sure if the baby has passed and that's the main bit over with now?
Struggling to deal with it all, currently sat at home on my own my husband didn't want to cancel plans he had with friends so has gone out. Feel very alone, hoping after a good sleep things will feel better tomorrow. Sorry for sounding down. Did anyone else struggle to deal with things? X

Shelbyy112 Mon 30-Jan-17 17:28:40

I have just found out I'm 5 weeks pregnant and I'm passing blood really heavily and a few little clots and abit that looks like tissue I don't have severe cramps but I do have bad backache and slight cramps but my belly now feels tight and boobs are still sore I'm booked in for a scan at the aeu on Wednesday can someone please help me put my mind at rest and say what this could be
Thankyou [upset]

pullingmyhairout1 Mon 30-Jan-17 18:18:49

I don't have any words. I started miscarrying last night. Still getting my head around it. Feeling very alone right now.

GalwayGirl84 Fri 10-Mar-17 00:54:30

Monkey, and all you other wonderful ladies. Thank you for sharing your experiences, I had a miscarriage today and reading your posts helped me so much. No one else really got in to the detail and it really helped me to hear your stories.

I should be 9 weeks and 5 precious days now, but had a bleed 2 days ago and went to hospital and there was no heartbeat, after a rollercoaster 2 days of hopes being raised the worst happened today and I passed out tiny baby. I am so glad I grabbed plastic gloves and a ziplock baggie and reached into the toilet for our little tiny human. It felt so strange, and I'm a germophobe, but when I rang the hospital they said to bring in what I can so I was really glad I did. The doctor was incredible, so kind and treated our tiny angel and us with such empathy and dignity, they are going to do tests on baby and the clots. And they said we can choose to bury it in the little angels plot which I just find incredible and really eases some of the horrific pain and loss. I feel heartbroken, just devastated and completely robbed. Wishing you all so much love on this heartwrenching journey xxxx

MrsFish13 Fri 28-Apr-17 21:01:30

I am now 11 weeks, but our baby dis not make it past 6 weeks. I had a private scan 4 weeks ago, which indicated it had stopped growing, I had an NHS scan last week, but have to go back fir abother scan next week before they will offer any itervention, as they will not accept my private scan. I have had some spotting and passed 2 clots - not that big. I am still spotting (red) and have no idea if I have passed it or not. Very little cramping, and to be honest I feel like I am in limbo, and just want it over and out of me so I can start moving on. The consultant at tye hospital was so cold and said to me, you've probably already passed it and havent noticed. I told her I doubt it as I had only been lightly spotting at that stage, to where she did a scan and found it. Do you think the 2 clots are all I am going to pass?

SeaPea15 Wed 21-Jun-17 20:59:34

Hi MrsFish, just came on here as I am myself going through a MC (so horrible, I wish people in the real world were more open about what happens afterwards etc) and noticed no one has replied to your message. Sorry about that. I see it's a couple of months since you posted, how are you now? Did everything happen naturally or did you end up opting for medical or surgical management?

Reading your post I feel exactly the same way - just want the process over with so I can come to terms with it and move on. It's awful knowing your pregnancy isn't viable, but all the worse being in limbo and waiting around for things to happen...

I also found the doctors I saw at the EPU amazingly clinical and unsympathetic. I know they see this sort of thing all the time, but they behaved as though they were just doing a smear test, no recognition or understanding of the fact she'd told me the last thing I wanted to hear. Anyway.

I hope you're ok and I'd be very interested to know how everything went for you. And what advice were you given re TTC again?

Much love to everyone else who has been through this, or is going through it. I never understood what a MC was really all about and how long, lonely and emotional the experience can be. X

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