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Yet another post, sorry :-( this is about post ERPC "issues"

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MrsGiraffe12 Tue 28-May-13 22:33:59

So, I know I'm not allowed to ask medical advice, I'm asking my gp tomorrow for that but just wanted to seeing any other ladies had what I'm having after an ERPC

I'm now 5 days post ERPC, was told I went well. Have ended up on antibiotics for infection which is making me wonder whether I am experiencing what I am.

Since Sunday evening, approximately twice a day I have been passing 2 long, stringy, bright red jelly like "clots". That's all I can explain them like, and I can feel myself passing them, though it doesn't hurt.

Did other women have this post ERPC? Like I said I'm asking gp tomorrow, so not after medical advice, just if other ladies had this x

Tomkat79 Tue 28-May-13 23:20:46

Hi Giraffe

I had an ERPC 3 weeks ago and the bleeding post op that I had was very light and lasted for about 5-6 days. Nothing bright red and stringy though. I was concerned that 7-10 days post op I'd have a large cramp and heavy blood loss but that fear was built from too much googling! I'd say what you have been passing is normal and just the final bits.

Did the hospital not put you on a prophylaxic course of anti-biotics?

Hope GP can offer help and advice x

PicardyThird Wed 29-May-13 09:59:03

That doesn't sound unlike some of the bleeding I have experienced post some of my various ERPCs. For now, I would say it is normal. Feeling them coming out sounds a little like the womb is contracting back (sorry, I know that is upsetting to read). If it is still happening in, say, a week, or you have any other symptoms of infection such as pain, fever etc., I would get checked out.

Take care of yourself.

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