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Mid cycle bleeding following mc

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butterfly86 Sat 25-May-13 21:23:05

My last mc was the beginning of march in the cycles I've had since then I've bled mid cycle, mainly light on off spotting but occasionally quite a bit and it's pinky red this month it started on cd17still having it now cd 21. Has anybody experienced this I'm starting to worry myself it's something sinister like cervical cancer my last smear was 18 months ago so up to date. Could it just be hormonal? I'm hoping so...

Bakingtins Sun 26-May-13 08:36:32

It's quite common for cycles to be messed up for several months postMC. I had mid cycle bleeding for a couple of cycles after my 2nd miscarriage so it may well just be hormones being off-whack. I think since you have the thought in your head that it might be something sinister I would see the GP for reassurance though, or you are just going to worry.

butterfly86 Sun 26-May-13 11:35:00

Thank you baking it probably is just hormonal but I'm such a worrier I prob will mention it to the doctor just to put my mind at rest. I was thinking I haven't had this with my other miscarriages but then I've sometimes only had one cycle inbetween. Just shows though I've possibly fallen pregnant when my body was no where near ready to support another pregnancy. I was hoping accupuncture was sorting things out but it might take a little while.

How are you feeling?

cerysmax Sun 26-May-13 12:19:17


Just hi jacking, if that's okay, but was wondering how you were getting on with acupuncture? Do you find it relaxing and do you think its helping.

I have read some good things and considering giving it a go but, its so different from Western medicine and what we're used to that I'm wondering whether its just Hocus Pocus!!!

Maybe I should start another thread? x

butterfly86 Sun 26-May-13 12:42:20

Hi Cerys, that's ok! I'm finding accupuncture great so far, like you I had read so many good things about it I just thought well what I have I got to lose it does no harm, if it works I would rather have that than medications any day. I find it very relaxing I'm always ready for my next session when it comes around, I also feel like I'm doing something positive trying to prevent another mc as the doctors can't offer us anything as there's nothing wrong as such.

They usually recommend 3 months of accupuncture before you ttc again but we are having a break anyway so that's fine, the lady I see is lovely I think it's about finding the right person you need to make sure they specialise in fertility though. She is working on trying to balance my system as a whole but trying mainly to get my hormones balance and bringing ovulation forward so I have a nice long luteal phase. Before I started I suffered with terrible sore breasts from around ovulation until my period started she didn't like the sound of this something to do with progesterone I think so she has worked on that I don't get tenderness anymore it's amazing.

I think if nothing else it relaxes you and is the tlc approach but I've read amazing things and I'm definately feeling the benefit. My consultant was really excited when I said I was going to start having it so there must be something in it! I would say give it a go.

cerysmax Sun 26-May-13 13:43:55

Thank you Butterfly....its difficult up here as theres not much choice of Chinese practitioners. Have a couple in mind though, so will be ringing them in the week. Do you actually have a Chinese lady or do you think it doesn't really matter?

Wanted to start ttc you think that will cause many problems? It's my age you see, it was a miracle I ever got pregnant in first place. I feel time is against me and that if I wait those 3 months, I might miss my window!!!!

And are you feeling today? I am sorry but I really have no idea what to say apart from I am thinking of you. x

Bakingtins Sun 26-May-13 20:55:59

Thanks for thinking of me, ladies. The messages of support on here have been quite overwhelming. I'm quite calm now, resigned to my fate and trying to get the practicalities sorted. I have no idea what we'll do next but think we need to lick our wounds for a while.
Acupuncture is fascinating. I have used it for my dog (I'm a vet, not as random as it sounds) who has a brain tumour and it has worked where conventional medicine failed.

butterfly86 Sun 26-May-13 22:33:41

Cerys I don't have a Chinese lady I think as long as you get a good one it doesn't matter, I contacted a Chinese one while I was searching for somebody but didn't think I would have liked her she was really trying to push the Chinese herbs and my consultant had already said i wasn't to take herbs without her permission, the one I go to now doesn't do herbs I think it's a different type of accupuncture called 5 element.

Re ttc again maybe discuss that with them, when I said we were on a break she said it was good from an accupuncture point of view as they advise 3 months to get you sorted out, there is probably flexibility on that though just mention it. I think if I had been in a position to try sooner I might have asked if it was ok (we can't ttc as we are getting married in August and the dress doesn't cater for a bump!) I think it would have been difficult to wait as long as we have done if we didn't have a reason not to. I hope you find somebody soon it's worth a shot.

Baking glad you are feeling calm, just take the time to decide what to do next you need to think about things properly its impossible to do when you have everything else going on too. I want to say watch for the emotions making an appearance over the next few weeks and everything else that goes with this shitty situation but I know you know that already so don't want to go on x

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