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Need a sigh (not really a rant) - letter from antenatal clinic

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vladthedisorganised Tue 14-May-13 15:31:38

Not expecting any sympathy/ answers but for some reason this really upset me.

Antenatal and maternity services have been cut heavily in my area, so a lot has been merged. When I went for a standard 12 week scan last month I discovered I'd had a missed miscarriage which was a real shock. I thought that everything happened naturally a few days later but after prolonged bleeding (2-3 weeks) I was sent to the early pregnancy unit (at hospital A) for an additional check. It seemed that the miscarriage was 'incomplete' and I was sent for an ERPC (at hospital B) last week. Hospital A's early pregnancy unit referred me.

Yesterday I received a letter from the antenatal unit at hospital A, advising me that I needed to attend their antenatal clinic next month and to 'bring my full maternity notes'; the appointment would include 'an opportunity for us to advise on your birth options'. The letter was dated two days after the same hospital had referred me for an ERPC.

I know I'm overreacting to this and I know in my head that it's just a simple case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing, but it made me so sad. It's such a shame that medical notes don't seem to be updated automatically for something like this as it must be pretty distressing all round.

Apologies for the rant sad

squizita Tue 14-May-13 16:51:11

This isn't really on at all. I feel so sad for you and cross with them! It is a mistake - but it is a mistake that shouldn't happen and as such is negligent. TBH when you are feeling better I would write to PALS or their centre manager explaining; it doesn't have to be ranty, just those facts (and I would include names) should result in those people NEVER making that insensitive error again.

munchkinmaster Tue 14-May-13 16:57:00

I agree, if you feel up to complaining, do. It's the only way they will sort it to not happen again. You're not getting at anyone in particular after all.

I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriage and hope you're doing okay.

Ostrich78 Wed 15-May-13 19:47:12

Hi Vlad, Im so sorry for your loss. Finding out at the 12 week scan is awful if you don't have any signs that something is wrong. It's such a shock.
I've had 3 mmc, after the first 2 I had a few calls asking why I hadn't attended my midwife appointments and one wanting to arrange my 20 week scan, it was only at that point I asked for the complaints contact and wrote a letter detailing my experience and asking that they fix the issue. I knew I wasn't going back to that hospital again (incase I had another mc, which I did) but I felt they needed to know there was an issue and they had upset me (and how many other ladies).
I had a response from the hospital detailing how they would fix it, I have no idea if it helped but I like to think it did!
Take care of yourself x

tribpot Wed 15-May-13 19:53:07

I would contact Patient Opinion. This isn't on. Unfortunately miscarriage is not an infrequent outcome of pregnancy and one that of course is extremely distressing. They should try harder to prevent this kind of admin mix up.

teaandchocolate Wed 15-May-13 21:40:35

I had a very similar experience - a few days after my erpc at the hospital, I received a letter from the same hospital inviting me to my 20 wk scan.... DH rang & complained, got passed from pillar to post to various people who didn't care so we gave up.

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