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squizita Mon 13-May-13 13:21:15

Hi all

I know many people have read Lesley' Regan's book and it has been useful and comforting.

I am reading this book - 'Coming To Term' by Jon Cohen. It is very science based - indeed almost sceptical - but I am finding it really helpful. The science is clearly explained and even with a 'no nonsense' approach the focus is on the positive (i.e. 30+ years ago they knew nothing, now they know lots and most women can be helped). It is comforting and sensitively written, with examples of people who have had various treatments and various outcomes.

Anyway I thought I'd let people know...

shellmck Thu 16-May-13 13:58:06

Thanks for recommending the book, its 4 weeks today that i suffered a MMC. We were 17 weeks and im still really upset and down. I find it helps in some way or other when i read other peoples storys and no im not alone so think the book may help to. Thanks.

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