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Miscarriage no.6 tonight I guess it is never going to happen now then- feel this is where we give up

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doubleshotespresso Mon 13-May-13 03:47:39

Seems we are not meant to ever go full term.

Am heartbroken and in so much pain _ really cant face what I know is coming now.....

Why why why this is so cruel....

18 weeks and was getting so hopeful this time- cannot see how we get thru again this time.

Just my rant at the world really thats it.

ratbagcatbag Mon 13-May-13 03:51:28

No experience but didnt want to read and run, I can only imagine fro what I've seen on here how traumatic it must be. Massive hugs sad

ratbagcatbag Mon 13-May-13 03:53:19

Has it just happened? Do you need to get yourself to hospital? Apologies if you've already been there. I know I can't say anything to make it any better but I'm here for hand holding.

doubleshotespresso Mon 13-May-13 03:53:56

Wow didnt expect replies at this time!

doubleshotespresso Mon 13-May-13 03:55:43

Thanks for responding....
DP has called ambulance but witout TMI its pretty obvious I am losing so much blood and in mega pain in waves....
This all feels very familiar..... i am also boiling hot!?'

Gobbolinothewitchscat Mon 13-May-13 03:55:48

Oh double - I'm so sorry. Big hugs. Second the post re hospital. Apols if you are there but worried about you

doubleshotespresso Mon 13-May-13 03:56:49

Am so sad, really thought this time was different, but not to be again!

Gobbolinothewitchscat Mon 13-May-13 03:56:52

God - you poor thing. Glad DH has called the ambulance. I hope you get the very best and kindest treatment in hospital.

doubleshotespresso Mon 13-May-13 03:58:06

Ambulance on the way..... Am scared as am so far one tis time, this is horrible and the pain is sooooo bad too.

halestone Mon 13-May-13 03:58:48

Doublethanks i know there are no words that will make this better for you. Hope the ambulance is there soon. Thinking of you and your DP

doubleshotespresso Mon 13-May-13 03:59:00

Thanks everyone, you ae all so kind to respond, i was not expecting a response, just venting really feel so helpless and scared right now.

doubleshotespresso Mon 13-May-13 04:05:24

Ok DP on hone and they are 10 mins away..... This is helping me calm down a bit so thanks ladies..... Oh god i wish this wasnt hapening...

Cant face this again ..... Erm I think they will probably keep me in wont they!?!?

TwentyTinyToes Mon 13-May-13 04:06:37

Oh you poor darling. flowers I am so sorry. Hope the ambulance is with you soon.

doubleshotespresso Mon 13-May-13 04:08:12

They are at door now, thanks so much ..... Will be off now I guess -(

ComradeJing Mon 13-May-13 04:13:53

<gentle squeeze>

I'm sorry Doubleshot.

cogitosum Mon 13-May-13 04:52:15

I'm really sorry sad
Hope you add being well looked after at hospital now xx

ripsishere Mon 13-May-13 05:00:27

I hope it isn't too bad for you.
I know that every one is different, but I had four MCs at<12 weeks, five at >12 weeks and one at 22.
My 12 yesterday DD is at school now. I was found to have had infections in two, although goodness knows where they came from, an incompetent cevix in the very late one and a stitch for DD.
I hope you are OK.

CassieTheCockatoo Mon 13-May-13 06:28:59

I am so sorry this is happening to you. Be kind to yourself and take things one moment at a time.

mnistooaddictive Mon 13-May-13 06:38:06

So sorry for you. I had 4 mc so understand the sense of loss you feel. Look after yourself.

NoahsMummyJul12 Mon 13-May-13 07:32:11

I'm so sorry, I hope you are being well looked after at the hospital x

LittleDirewolfBitJoffrey Mon 13-May-13 07:35:27

I'm so sorry OP. I hope you are well looked after and given lots of support at hospital x

halestone Mon 13-May-13 07:45:23

Woke up thinking of you Double, hope the hospital are treating you well.

Tomkat79 Mon 13-May-13 09:08:30

Oh Double I'm so so sorry. There are no words I can say, just a squeeze and lots of strength to help you in the time ahead x

doubleshotespresso Mon 13-May-13 12:47:27

DP just brought me the Ipad - am supposed to be at work today but thanks so much for the support. Hospital were lovely and very sensitive, but sadly here we find ourselves again....This is going to be a tough time but I guess I can at least see us getting past it. dP been brilliant but just sent him for lunch so I can gather my thoughts a bit...

So sorry for those of you with similar experiences- life really can be crap at times, I M unable to make sense of it all really.

Anyway just a quick update- am onloads of painkillers and stuff at the moment so am off for now, but your kind words really got me through the

doubleshotespresso Mon 13-May-13 12:48:17

.....toughest time and panic!

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