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Think I've just had a mc? Didn't know I was pregnant...feeling very confused,please advise.

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allchik Sat 11-May-13 21:52:17

Firstly, I really hope this message does not offend anyone, I suffered a mc at 13 weeks last year and am aware that the feeling of this message may seem cold as I'm a bit shocked, hadn't emotionally attached to anything....

So I gave birth to my dd in jan this year, my hubby and I had sex at the end of march, sounds stupid but we were so nervous about the mechanics of having sex after childbirth we forgot to use a condom, I suddenly remembered and we stopped straight away and put one on. Didn't think anything of it as he hadn't ejaculated.

I then had the depo contraceptive injection about 3weeks ago, was on it for 9 years before getting pregnant and never had a period.

2 days ago I started getting period pain then started bleeding, I just thought it may be a period as the nurse said I may get one, although seemed odd as it was so long after the depo.

Today the bleeding got heavy and quite clotty then a couple of hours ago I was stood up and felt something come out of me. This next bit may be TMI, again I don't want to upset anyone. Cramps got very painful,Went to the loo and there was a blood sack on my panty liner about one inch long and half an inch wide. It was rubberyish to the touch and had a long white bit in it. I just felt really shocked, had just thought I was on my period,albeit a very campy heavy one. (In hindsight the pain today was similar to the start of my mc last year) I've also now stopped cramping completely.

But I've just done a pregnancy test and it came back negative, surely if I had been pregnant it would test positive? Also just feel really guilty about it all, my mc last year crushed me, I know the emotions were dif as that was planned and then I mc at the end of the first trimester, but feel awful that I don't feel more and don't even really know what's happened.

I will go to the docs to speak to them but just wondered if anyone had any ideas? Think I'm in shock.

Thank you for reading

girliefriend Sat 11-May-13 21:57:07

Oh dear, sorry not much advice but didn't want to read and not say anything.

I had the depo injection once and bled very heavily with quite a lot of clots but nothing like what you have just described. Did they not pregnancy test you before the injection as thinking about it they were very strict about that before I had mine.

Hope you are o.kay and yes def go to drs tomos.

allchik Sat 11-May-13 22:26:50

Thankyou. No they didnt test,prob as i made a joke about the lack of sex with my hubby as we had only done it that once.
My mc last year ended in an ERPC so I never passed anything,so cant compare,but what I passed before was def sack like,its the neg test thats thrown me...feel like I need to acknowledge it but I probably wont ever even know if I was...really numb feeling

ChocolateCremeEggBag Sun 12-May-13 22:10:53

Maybe you had an early MMC which by the time you passed it, your hcg had fallen too low for the test to pick up.

I had a natural mc at 8 weeks in Dec, I had a scan on the same day which showed the bean had stopped developing at around 6 weeks. My mc was quite like yours, maybe a bit more "material". So maybe you got to around 5-6 weeks going on how mine was. I started bleeding on the evening after my scan - just like a period. Then 11 am next day felt something "coming away" with cramps and passed a lot of jelly like stuff all at once.
I'm pg again (8-9weeks) and my pg symptoms are much more pronounced so am sure my MC was just one which stopped earlier.

Even though you've stopped cramping. Definitely ask for a scan to check everything has been passed just to make sure. You could also have a blood test which would pick up traces of hcg, but not sure this would mean much for you as it does sound like you've had an mc.

Hope you are ok - don't beat yourself up about feeling numb, it's normal. If it helps at all think of it as your body protecting you - you've just gone through growing one baby, another one in the same year would have been super hard on you, your body and your family (DD and DH).

lostlove Mon 20-May-13 18:12:09

Sorry, a late contribution to the thread, but I wonder if what you describe was a decidual (endometrial/uterine) cast.

I passed one once after a biochemical pregnancy; the bleeding was heavy and the cramping much worse than my usual painful period, and the the tissue sounds very similar and the same sort of size.

As I understand it, they are often associated with pregnancy, but not always.

I hope you are feeling ok now.

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