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Corneal Ectopic.

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MissAngel Sat 11-May-13 21:17:11

I had a corneal ectopic 6 month ago and was wondering if anyone else has?, I cant find any information on them as they are so rare.


Weaselicious Mon 13-May-13 14:35:38

Hi MissAngel - so sorry to hear about your CE, and I hope that, 6 months on, you're doing ok.

I had one that was operated on just four weeks ago, and haven't seen anything from anyone else either on MN. I feel very lucky as my local EPU was amazing, I was managed v conservatively and nothing ruptured. Laparoscopy and left tube removed. I'm still at home as have post op infection, and all this has hit me pretty hard.

I've had time to do quite a lot of digging for info (I'm all about knowing what's gone on), so maybe we can help each other out smile. Do you want to share what happened to you?

Weaselicious Mon 13-May-13 17:22:08

Oh and have you checked out It's the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust site and there's lots of info/message boards on there too.

MissAngel Tue 14-May-13 16:42:06

Last September on our first holiday in Alcudia we found out i was pregnant (Bang goes the all inclusive alcohol hehe) After getting home and having the pregnancy confirmed i started spotting. We checked online and seemed it was normal and it was very light. A few days later i started getting pains and being a sunday i rang around all over and finally got a call back from NHS Direct (I'll keep Shh on my thoughts about the service there....) We went to the walk in centre and got an appointment for the following tuesday at the EPC for an early scan. My sister was there the same time and day as us having a miscarriage confirmed :-(. We went in not expecting to be told i was being rushed into hospital for emergency surgery. I was kept in top of the list 'apparently'. 10pm came and they came to see me, said there was an emergency on the maternity ward and as i had no pain i asked why they were there. We were loosing our baby without someone else loosing theres and possibly their own life. The following morning i had the op. My pregnancy was 8wks+4 and had been a Corneal Ectopic they had to go in via my womb. Needless to say we were both devastated. It took 5weeks for my bloods to be normal. 2 little cousins are now together in a better place we were told to wait 1year at least.

 So a few weeks ago i had recognisable cramps... And a positive pregnancy test!! YEY!! got booked in for an early scan and was told it was too early to see, come back in 10 days. So friday we went back and this time tears of joy!, A little heart beat and told everything is fine.

delilahbelle Tue 14-May-13 17:16:20

I was pregnant with twins, had a ruptured cornual ectopic and lost them both back in February. Worst experience ever. Other than the scar I'm nearly back at 100% healthy now, just need to start going down the gym again and get myself super healthy before we start trying again.

Weaselicious Thu 16-May-13 09:19:08

MissAngel, congratulations! Lovely to hear and good luck with the rest if your pregnancy.
Hi Delilah, hope your fitness kick is going well. I think I'm going to go back to work on Monday, which I'm really quite excited about - the thought of rejoining the real world is a good one. For reasons I won't go in to here (too long a story) I ended up having a scan yesterday, and I'm so pleased to have ovulated a couple of weeks ago smile looks like everything is getting back to normal.
Like you, Delilah, next step is getting fit and healthy again, can't wait to start my running programme (words I thought I'd never say...).

Here's to moving forward smile x

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