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Which recurrent miscarriage clinic should I use?

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OJHC Sat 11-May-13 14:45:17

I've had 4 mc over the last year after 1 successful pregancy with 2yr old boy.

I had level 1 tests done at Gloucester Royal Hosp which were all normal and have now been referred on to Dr Kalpana Reddy - has anyone been seen by her? She works privately and on the NHS in Cheltenham. I've done a search and can't find too much about her but from what I have seen she looks to have a wealth of expertise in a whole range of gynae and infertility issues, only one of which is recurrent miscarriage.

My worry is that I need to see someone who specifically deals with recurrent miscarriage.... would you agree? I'm 42 so don't have time to waste with potentially the 'wrong' person.

If that's the case, where should I go instead? I see that most of the better known recurrent miscarriage units are in London, some of which require frequent visits and I just don't know how I'd be able to do that (I live in Gloucestershire).

I'd really appreciate some advice/thoughts please.

DomesticGoddess31 Sat 11-May-13 20:19:21

Can't help but just wanted to say I'm in your boat.... 4 mcs over the past year and 1 little girl who will be 2 in June. I'm looking for a health professional who can help me too but I'm in Southampton area and same problem with not seeing how I can do frequent visits to London. If only the nhs took it all a bit more seriously. The waiting is agony isn't it. Hope someone can come along and help you.

Sorry, hijacked your thread a bit there blush

Essexgirlupnorth Sat 11-May-13 20:53:41

Lesley Regan who runs the recurrent miscarriage clinic at St. Mary's hospital in Paddington London is one of the counties authorities on recurrent miscarriage. Not sure if she also does private work

squizita Sun 12-May-13 19:56:56

She does do private tests... I looked into it. Google st Mary's gynecology and there is an email for private referrals.

I think the angels were smiling on me as I live in an area of London where our local nhs clinic is one of hers. Its a tricky choice if you live further away but as you say totally worth finding the best clinic.

Kasterborous Sun 12-May-13 23:26:42

We went to St Mary's after six miscarriages. We were referred there from our local hospital in Lincolnshire. Glad we were as pregnancy number seven resulted in our happy, healthy DD being born.

freelancegirl Sun 12-May-13 23:36:53

I saw Mr Shehata at the Miscarriage Clinic after 4mcs and through him was able to have my DS, now 10 months. He sees people privately at the New Life Clinic in Surrey and also at St Helier hospital (also Surrey) on the NHS, although the waiting lists are long. Good for Hampshire but not for Gloucester. He mainly specialises in Natural Killer Cells. I did also go to St Mary's but they were unable to do any more for me and they don't test for NKC. Professor Quenby is doing NKC trials in the Midlands if that helps. Good luck everyone.

Polka2 Mon 24-Jun-13 13:17:57

Hi OJHC I'm so sorry for your mc's and I wondered if you'd got anywhere with your query??

I have been receiving treatment from Mrs Reddy for 5 yrs (primarily for infertility) however I suffered a mmc of twins at 12wks last March and a mc at 5wks5 in October last year and I'm presently mc at 5wks now. Mrs Reddy has been excellent for the infertility however for the mc's she keeps saying its very common and she can see no reaseon for it and has done the basic testing and only under pressure from me has prescribed 75mg of aspirin and 400mg Cyclogest however it obvs still hasn't worked as I'm mc again so I really want to move onto the next step....

I have looked into both Zita West and Prof Lesley Reagan who are both in London and they seem to do the initial consultation and testing in London but can do continuing care via phone/skype/email as I understand and liaise with your GP to administer necessary drugs.

Do let me know if you unearth further info locally and I hope you manage to get the problem resolved.

Justonemoretime Mon 24-Jun-13 20:34:42

Polka2, you and I seem to be in the same boat, pretty much (3x mmcs, two at 6 weeks, 3rd at 9). Have you been seen at Stoke Mandeville? My DH and I were seen by her clinic (not by her herself) and had one hopeless appointment where we were advised the treatment of 'regular sex' (WOW!) and the second lady we saw prescribed aspirin and cyclogest, as well as diet change from veggie to eating meat (worth a try). Had all the blood tests and karyotypes done for me and Husband, all clear.
Good luck with what ever help you get - I'm going to give St Mary's a try. Just waiting for the referral.

Best wishes to you. Looking forward to the day things work out. xx

Polka2 Tue 25-Jun-13 15:44:25

Hi Justonemoretime - yep we do seem to be leading parallel lives! No I've not been to Stoke Mandeville only seen Dr Reddy through Oxford Fertility Unit as we were initially going down the IVF route (days off starting drugs) when I got pg the first time, now it transpires we can get pg (albeit it takes ages) but the bloody thing won't stick.

Yes, I think St Mary's might be our preferred route too.

Good luck to you and your DH too!

Justonemoretime Tue 25-Jun-13 17:59:50

Good luck with it all. Don't you just love it when people say things like "at least you can get pg". This is a really great alternative, eh!?
Hope you get some answers and results soon. smile

Justonemoretime Tue 25-Jun-13 18:05:30

Hi, Does anyone know how far in advance of ttc again they need to do the tests for NK cells? Has anyone had this test done? What does it involve? Thanks in advance, Ladies. xx

Lotkinsgonecurly Tue 25-Jun-13 18:06:04

A friend used mr impey in oxford. I think he deals with mcs and is very knowledgeable.

Justonemoretime Wed 26-Jun-13 21:18:23

I'm full of questions (sorry!), but does anyone know what tests they do in the first round at St Mary's?
Thanks. xx

squizita Fri 28-Jun-13 09:27:47

Lesley Regan and Mr Shehata are the 2 "big names" in London, and Prof Quenby in the midlands. They seem to be the 3 most famous, they do take private patients.

OhBuggerMe Mon 01-Jul-13 21:26:43

I'm hoping to be referred to the Liverpool Womens hospital tomorrow as they have a specialist miscarriage clinic. I've not seen much online about them though, just that they're there.

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