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Can extreme stress cause miscarriage?

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WarpKitten Sun 05-May-13 01:59:30

I had a mc last January and am currently 6 weeks pregnant. My Dad is terminally ill in a hospice with days to live. I cry about 7 times a day and have been an emotional wreck since I got pregnant so am worried for the foetus. I'm also being made redundant but I haven't got the energy to care about that right now.

squizita Sun 05-May-13 11:13:46

I spoke to my EPU about thus - no, they said. Its a bit of a Victorian myth type thing. If it were long term work stress causing heart problems, 'maybe', but bereavement type things no. Otherwise, she said, how would recurrent miscarriers ever have a baby because for them pregnancy equals stress? That was why I asked.

Habbibu Sun 05-May-13 11:24:52

I'm so sorry about your Dad and your job. That's awful. But your baby will not be harmed by stress. We lost our first little girl, and I was v stressed all the way through pregnancy with dd2, but she was and is fine (and enormous). Your wee one will be fine. Take care of yourself, and don't be afraid to seek help if you need it.

WarpKitten Sun 05-May-13 18:33:00

Thanks guys for the reassurance.

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