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Opinions and experience - fourth ERPC?

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PicardyThird Thu 02-May-13 18:14:03

I had a mc (natural), then dc1, then mc no. 2 (incomplete, ERPC), then, in the very next cycle, no. 3 (blighted ovum, ERPC), then dc2, then a gap of several years where we weren't ttc, then a missed mc and ERPC last year. Am now staring down the barrel of mc no. 5. Am supposedly 6+5 (very sure of dates), no bleeding, but scan on Tues revealed sac is not growing and first lot of bloods show hCG of 3700. Have been asked to think about management.

From the emotional/trauma side of things, I would prefer the ERPC. The hospital treated me very well last year, I cope well with GA and haven't experienced any problems after any of my ERPCs. However, I am very concerned indeed about the risks of a fourth procedure, specifically Asherman's syndrome. OTOH again, my body tends to hang on to missed mcs and going the expectant or medical route might see me ending up needing one anyway. I did have placenta praevia for a while with dc2, which I know can be associated with adhesions, but it had resolved itself by the third trimester.

I'd be very grateful for any views or experiences with large numbers of ERPCs.

WarpKitten Sun 05-May-13 18:51:08

PicardyThird I'm so sorry to hear of your losses. I've only had one mc (12 weeks) and after 10 agonising days was glad to have an ERPC. Sorry I don't have any advice but didn't want to leave this unanswered.
I've heard of Asherman's syndrome and it's complications so I'd personally sit it out at 7 weeks.
be kind to yourself. flowers

orangebowl Mon 06-May-13 22:36:51

Hi Picardy, sorry to hear you are going through this again. I had ds1 then 4 miscarriages - 3 of them ended with erpcs. I found them the best way to deal with the miscarriages as they were all"missed" and like you my body didnt seem to want to do anything (ie no bleeding) either. I am now 25 weeks pregnant with DS2 and so far all is well ( was diagnosed with a blood clotting disorder and on treatment).

Ashermans is really really rare- no one can tell you what to do hmm just do whatever makes you feel most comfortable. For me- I would go erpc again any time.


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