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Normal? terrified of post ERPC infection

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squizita Mon 29-Apr-13 18:19:01

I had an ERPC last Tuesday. I am terrified because today at work ( 1st full day back) I felt so rough. I am confused by the different definitions for post-op infections; I did ring my local hospital but am paranoid uh explained wrong hence the Dr wasn't worried. She said I sounded dehydrated and tired. Are these normal 5 days after ERPC? And some sources say go A&E, others GP! Totally confused.
- a tender tummy. Not horrible pain, very mild.
- bleeding which started 3 days after. Was clotty, is now not. Was red, now not. Average AF quantity. Smells (sorry TMI) like blood but not 'foul' in AMY day, and only when I sniff tissue (gross but how else to check?)
- feeling tired/run down. Slight headache. Like I had a night out then had to work, as I recall from younger days.
-average temp (36.2")

Now all these things to the 'letter of the law' on some websites say infection... But I described to a doc over the phone she said wait 24 hr, rest, just sound run down... confused

squizita Mon 29-Apr-13 18:21:31

Sorry typos - autocorrect. 'Not foul in any way'!

MrsJohnDeere Mon 29-Apr-13 19:45:00

So sorry you find yourself here. x

Having had 4 infections after my ERC, I would say that - in my non-medical opinion - it doesn't sound like you have one. The only way to know for sure would be to get swabs done and tested though.

My symptoms were high temp (38-40.1 degrees), sweating like crazy, needing frozen peas on my head to get my temp down at the worst point, shivering like crazy as well as being hot, bleeding that was really smelly, no appetite at all (didnt eat for days).

Do you need to be back at work so soon? Perhaps another week or two might help with the physical recovery.

squizita Mon 29-Apr-13 20:01:44

Unfortunately I manage in a school - busiest time of year, and if kids got their GCSEs messed up I'd feel dreadful.

Thanks for the reassurance. My doc thinks its dehydration and DH noted that after a pint of water and dinner I perked right up! Keep checking my blood, it smells of blood (and only when I check tmi).

MrsJohnDeere Mon 29-Apr-13 21:12:42

With my infections there was a stench like rotten fish. It was really nasty.

squizita Tue 30-Apr-13 08:59:29

Oh dear! You poor thing. No, nothing like that here. In fact I think that it might be a plain old fashioned cold or hayfever... just took a lemsip (paracetamol and decongestant) and feel so much better. The bleeding has progessed 'normally' too: it was dark/heavy/clotty days 1-2, then loose and red, now less of it and it's brown.

Thanks for your advice. I suffer from health anxiety so after surgery I get mega-scared. In an odd way I feel better having had an ERPC as opposed to my previous MCs at home, because I am now 'in a system' so feel that experts have their eye on me and it's all planned/monitored.

Daisybell1 Tue 30-Apr-13 13:40:54

Hi Squizita

Sorry for not being able to post last night but I just wanted to say that I had an increase in bleeding yesterday too with some pain. My ERPC was last Wednesday. I also put it down to a busier day as I feel well, and there isn't anything yuckier than blood.

Hope you're feeling ok today?

squizita Tue 30-Apr-13 15:24:23

Sorry to hear you've had aches and pains too. Feeling OK at the moment thanks. Popped into my GP lunchtime, she put it all down to standing/walking more as I feel better, told me to take a multivit with iron. She also took swabs and informed me I looked (and smelled) perfectly OK.

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