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am miscarrying twins :( quite early on. devastated

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MoodyDidIt Sun 28-Apr-13 10:29:29

got 2 older dc and we had been ttc since jan. we were ecstatic to get a bfp a couple of months ago.

but thurs night i started spotting. and fri morning it had got worse. MW said go to a+e. they finaly gave me a scan late afternoon at the EPAU. they had to do an internal one as they couldnt see anything with a normal one, i knew then something was wrong

they told me there was no heartbeat, that the pregnancy had stopped growing at around 5 - 6 weeks, (i am supposed to be at least 11 weeks) and also that it was twins sad

but then we were seen by another doctor who said she wanted us to wait a week and come back for another scan "just in case" as it may have been just that it was too small to find a heartbeat

i was awake all fri night with cramps and sobbing because i am so devastated. i was bleeding more by sat morning so went to epau yesterday. they examined me and they said my cervix was still closed, so they couldn't do anything. is just a case of waiting now til scan to be told the inevitable then take it from there i guess

i just want it over with. i dont think there is any way its not a miscarriage

twins ffs. god i cant tell you how happy we would have been if they'd survived. just devastated

Fairydogmother Sun 28-Apr-13 10:36:02

I'm so sorry you're going through this. I'm sorry i don't have any great advice other than a hand hold flowers

Shybairns Sun 28-Apr-13 10:40:04

Very sorry you are going through this. Hope you concieve again quickly and that it is a happier outcome. flowers

williwonti Sun 28-Apr-13 16:51:36

This is very sad. I have recently (6 weeks ago) been through a MC (at 9 weeks) and can't pretend it isn't an awful experience. I am so sorry if it does continue the way you are expecting it to, but hold on to any hope you can. if the worst does happen, then you'll be ok in the end, just keep talking to your friends and partner.

Bakingtins Sun 28-Apr-13 19:36:45

I'm sorry you are facing the loss of your babies Moody it is devastating.
The Miscarriage Association is the best place for factual information if you need it, and here is a great place for letting out your feelings and talking to others who have been through it.
Keep posting, there are plenty of people here to support you.

squizita Sun 28-Apr-13 21:53:00

Yes the miscarriage association is great. Also, even if your cervix is not open, they can do scans and bloods to diagnose - its shocking how long some hospitals leave us in limbo! They can also offer medical or surgical management, the miscarriage association can advise you on this - it us something epus should offer under circumstances like this.

MoodyDidIt Mon 29-Apr-13 10:46:02

i just feel empty

i can't believe i have to wait in limbo all week. and i thought that too squizita - i had heard of them doing daily bloods to check hcg levels and if they are falling then its obvs not an alive pregnancy (if thats the right description)

i just want it over with, i know in myself i have lost them. its never happened to me before but i just know. plus am still losing blood

thanks for the posts flowers

Benby Mon 13-May-13 15:30:48

Hi moody I have just been through this and we spent 4 weeks going back and forth to the hospital under the hope that one twin would survive. But it was not meant to be we lost both. It was confirmed last Tuesday and I had an Eprc on Friday but was admitted to hospital on Wednesday with heavy bleeding.
It has been very hard to be honest and we just wanted everything over and done with and since Friday physically since Friday I feel a whole lot better. Mentally I was doing ok few tears on Friday, Saturday I was ok but last night I was very upset. Today I'm doing ok so I'm just going to take each day as it comes.
We have 2 dd's and we were 9 months ttc this time so we don't want to wait around with ttc but no one seems to give a definate answer as to when I should or shouldn't. This is my first miscarriage and the doctor said there isn't a higher chance of me having another one and sometimes its just one of those things.
I have stopped bleeding and I done a test yesterday and only got a very faint positive we've decided to not really try this month and if it happens it happens but will defo actively try once I have my first af.
We have decided that if we have another miscarriage that we will give up ttc and just concentrate on our girls as I wouldn't have the strength to keep trying and keep losing babies.
I hope you get some answers soon we knew our babies were gone but when the hospital kept bringing us back we found ourselves thinking maybe there's hope only to be devastated again.
If you need to talk just message me my thoughts are with you and your family

squizita Mon 13-May-13 17:03:42

So sorry to hear of your loss. Yes definitely go to the miscarriage association. sad

Although your cervix wasn't open, they really should have offered bloods etc'. They can/should also offer medical/surgical support to start the physical side if it isn't happening naturally; I just don't think some places realise how cruel leaving women in limbo is! angry

Also please don't lose hope. Repeat miscarriage is rare - the vast majority of women succeed on their next pregnancy, and even for those of us afflicted with three or more in a row, the prognosis for the next pregnancy is good (70% don't need treatment and succeed). So when to give up is a very personal thing, however when you read the facts over on the miscarriage association - or search for 'birth' in their forums - you will see that after the deep sorrow of one (or even many more) MCs so many women succeed. Good luck to you. flowers

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