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Hysteroscopy- any personal experiences?

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flyingsprocket Thu 18-Apr-13 16:54:08

I miscarried 8 weeks ago at 17+2. Bled for 4 weeks, then AF arrived & went again & after a couple of days I started bleeding extremely heavily, frighteningly so.

A polyp was found on an ultrasound & I'm scheduled to have a hysteroscopy next week. Just asking anyone who's had one how I can expect to feel afterwards?


pebspop Thu 18-Apr-13 17:34:48

I had one in June last year. it was fine.

ga is a bit scary but I have had a few ops on my ttc journey so getting used to it now.

the op takes a few minutes and I was back at work the next day. during the op they found a bit of placenta left from a mc at 20 weeks which may gave cause my third mc.

my period came a few days after op as expected so it didn't affect my cycle.

I got pg on the next cycle (fourth pg following three mcs) and the result is lying in the Moses basket in front of me.

hope it works out well for you

flyingsprocket Thu 18-Apr-13 20:38:21

thanks for your reply pebspop and congrats on your DC! Glad to hear it didn't affect your cycle. Sounds like you've been through such a lot.

I've had quite a few GAs in my time, here's to killing off a few more of my much needed brain cells!

thebestnamesaregone Thu 18-Apr-13 20:51:10

I have had a hysteroscopy with removal of two polyps. I dint have a general anaesthetic and didn't need any pain relief. It's a bit undignified and I fou d it more uncomfortable than painful. I was told I might get some stomach cramps afterwards but didn't experience any. I drove myself home afterwards.

And best of all with the polyps gone my bleedingfor three weeks out of four disappeared overnight.

flyingsprocket Sat 20-Apr-13 13:42:05

Thanks thebestnamesaregone I've been bleeding for 14 weeks now (since my 12th week of pregnancy) and am looking forward to it ending!

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