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Should I wait for tests before TTC

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Dreamstoreality Wed 17-Apr-13 11:07:57

Have recently had my 3rd miscarriage. I thought I was 9 weeks but started spotting and the scan (3rd April) measured 6 weeks. I miscarried naturally the next day (4th april) and have had a further scan on the 8th to confirm the miscarriage was complete.

Previous miscarriages were May 2011 @ 8 weeks and July 2012 at 11 weeks.

The EPU have referred me for tests and I have an appointment on May 16th.

I am really keen to TTC again as soon as possible but should I wait for this appointment and tests first?

Daisybell1 Wed 17-Apr-13 12:58:28

I'm so sorry for your losses.

I might be tempted to wait - I got an appt and had a suite of bloods done. But they put some of them in the wrong bottles so they didn't get any results back. Before I had a follow up appt I fell pg but have just been told i'm likely to miscarry again.

I do wonder if having all the results back would have flagged up something which I could have had meds for. But I understand totally how strong the need to try again is

Thinking of you x

Dreamstoreality Wed 17-Apr-13 13:22:04

Thanks Daisy. That's terrible that they messed up the bottles.

Have they said why you are likely to miscarry again?

The main reason I'm considering not waiting is that in the majority of cases no cause is identified. Then I'll have waited for no reason.

Bakingtins Wed 17-Apr-13 13:58:22

HI Dreams I'm very sorry you are in this situation. We are in the middle of RMC testing. We went private for an initial appointment and are having most of the tests done on the NHS. Some of the tests (karyotyping in particular) take a long time to come back so we will have been waiting 3 months by the time all the results are back and we see consultant to discuss what, if anything, was found. Given my age (38) we were told not to wait to TTC, if I get pregnant before my next appointment then they'll use empirical therapies (aspirin, high dose folic acid, progesterone and regular scans) which is what they'll do for a pregnancy after RMC if no cause is identified.
I guess it will depend on many factors in your particular case, but you may need to think in terms of waiting until the end of the summer if you want to have results before trying again.

Bakingtins Wed 17-Apr-13 14:01:01

Nice thread here for those going through testing if you need some company.

Dreamstoreality Wed 17-Apr-13 14:54:31

Thanks Baking.

I'm almost 36 so don't want to waste time so think I will go ahead TTC while I wait.

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