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Second MMC same gestation, any point pushing for testing?

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Cyrli Mon 08-Apr-13 18:35:08

I found out today that I've suffered my second MMC in 6 months. I have two older children but developed an underactive thyroid since my second was born. My thyroid was under control during this pregnancy so it was a shock when the scan showed that the baby's heartbeat had stopped.

Is there any point trying to push for tests to see why this has happened again? I know GPs usually wait till after three miscarriages but it can't be just bad luck that both stopped developing at 9 weeks.

I'm going in for an ERPC on Wednesday, I'm 35 and really don't know if I can go through this again sad

escorpion Mon 08-Apr-13 22:08:13

Hi hun, sorry for your loss. I also had an underactive thyroid discovered during routine blood tests and then miscarried. After tests, the doctor said it would be unlikely that I miscarried due to my thyroid as I didn´t have antibodies that you associate with Hashimotos disease. I would ask for the antibody test to rule out Hashimotos as this can cause problems in pregnancy if left untreated. Although it is ideal that your thyroid level is well within the range of what is normal before you start TTC, many women with underactive thyroids go on to have healthy pregnancys. I don´t know what else I can suggest, other than to say so sorry and I am thinking about you.

Cyrli Mon 08-Apr-13 22:25:42

Thank you for your reply. I'll look into the antibody test you mentioned and talk to my GP x

steppemum Mon 08-Apr-13 22:49:20

so sorry for your loss, it's a bugger isn't it?

Not sure if your question is about specific to thyroid tests or more generally.

If more generally then as far as tests go, the fact that you have older dcs, so you have carried a baby to term means that most of the reasons for MC don't apply.
I had 4 MC, 3 of them after ds was born, and read the book by the Dr who runs the famous MC clinic in London. The first thing she said was exactly that. There are many reasons, some of them quite rare and obscure for MC and her team research all of them. But if you have ever carried a baby to term, then the most likely cause is just shear bad luck.

I have no idea about things specific to the thyroid though, that is a whole other area.

steppemum Mon 08-Apr-13 22:53:58

sorry, forgot to say, the only other possibility is that you and you dp are in some way incompatible, but can't remember the details on that sorry

Bakingtins Tue 09-Apr-13 08:06:57

Hi Cyrli I'm so sorry you've lost a second baby.

I've had 3 MC at 8-10 weeks gestation, one between my 2 sons and 2 since DS2. I'm 38 and felt I had no time to wait for a third in a row. We paid to see a reproduction specialist privately (£200) and my GP has agreed to run most of the tests recommended. As someone else suggested the fact you have carried to term rules out some things. I'm having a mid cycle scan this week and a load of bloods for hormone levels, thyroid, all the APL group of autoimmune conditions/sticky blood, anti mullerian hormone (for ovarian reserve/PCOS) and karyotyping for both parents.
I don't know what the GP would have said if I'd gone to her first, I think if you are >35 the guidelines allow some testing after two MC, but she didn't know what a lot of the tests were so I don't know how far I would have got. There is no harm in asking for referral and seeing what response you get. We've been told there is only a 50% chance of finding a reason after 3MC which is why they generally don't test sooner.
Good luck.

Cyrli Tue 09-Apr-13 14:37:32

Thanks for you replies, I'm very grateful to everyone for taking the time to help me. I've spent the morning in the EPU, they were all very kind but I had to have an NHS scan to confirm. I gave the private scan report, that explained there was no heartbeat found, to the receptionist in the scan dept but she did not pass it on to the radiographer. I then had to explain what had happened and that was very upsetting.

I'm going to look into testing for antibodies /hashimotos disease, I'm seeing an endocrinologist in a couple of weeks so I'll ask about that and also ask about thyroxine dose for next time. My GP has been scared of increasing the dose during pregnancy.

Does anyone know if blood clotting problems can develop after having children?

I'll look into private tests if I don't feel happy after seeing the encrinologist. They tested my thyroid function this morning so we'll if there was a problem with that.

Bakingtins Tue 09-Apr-13 16:39:30

I was told by consultant these problems can develop at any time. I've read on the internet that having miscarriages actually increases your risk of developing them (but not sure how reliable that source is)

Was your TSH monitored during the pregnancy because it is supposed to be kept lower than 2 units? Mine is 2.9 which is within the 'normal' range but borderline for pregnancy. I need to speak to consultant about whether than warrants any treatment or further thyroid testing.

Pollaidh Tue 09-Apr-13 17:01:30

I'm sorry you've had another miscarriage, multiple miscarriages are so devastating.

I'm under 35 but was referred to a fertility specialist after only 2 miscarriages. He said that as I had a live birth already that is an excellent sign that there is nothing really wrong and that the mc were most likely due to genetic mistakes in the baby. However he did start me on progesterone in case I had a luteal phase defect (I'm not convinced I did, although I did have a history of spotting during pregnancy). He also did a scan. Then we had 4 months to ttc. At the next appointment there was still no pregnancy so he decided on testing to see if I was actually ovulating, for the next 2 cycles (according to my OPT I was, but he wanted to be sure with blood tests after ovulation). Actually I got pregnant again 2 weeks later and this time seem to be ok (spotting for months, so increased progesterone dose), now at 4 months pregnant.

I was surprised but happy to be referred after 'just' 2 mc, but the most useful thing for me has been the weekly reassurance scans with a superb specially trained recurrent miscarriage nurse, who was always available by phone to reassure and advise too. Even if you can't get tests at this point your doctor might be able to refer you to this kind of scanning service. I was always so glad my mc were immediate, i can't think how awful it must be to have a mmc.

Good luck

MolaCdo Thu 11-Apr-13 14:23:03

I had a medically managed miscarriage last week - to the day. We found out at the routine scan that the baby had a distended abdomen full of fluid. He/ she was dated at 13+2. This was my first mc (I already have a dd) and we've been offered karyotyping already. I'm very grateful but confused as to why? Is it because of the abnormality? Any ideas would be great. Thanks - finding it very hard to cope.

blondecat Thu 11-Apr-13 14:26:51


You will get more support and faster help when you get pregnant again. They may find sth that can be "easily" fixed. When we want more DCs and the click is ticking I feel we should get all the help possible

blondecat Thu 11-Apr-13 14:31:20

To add. I have one DD, then Lost 2 early miscarriages and now am 22 weeks pregnant. I had 2 threatened miscarriages and 7 weeks unexplained bleeding with this one. I wish I had managed to switch to a high risk obgyn early on and not at 19 weeks as much headache could have been avoided

Take care of yourself

Cyrli Thu 11-Apr-13 15:48:41

Sorry to hear about others in the same situation. I had the Erpc yesterday which went ok. I managed not to thump the anaesthetist who looked puzzled that I was crying and said "don't worry every things fine". Yes everything except that my baby's dead.

I feel ok today, bit tired so having a lazy day. I'm having trouble concentrating on anything! So apologies for not answering any questions!

They took a blood sample to test for APS, so I at least we'll be able to rule that out.

MolaCdo Thu 11-Apr-13 19:05:23

Thanks blondecat, sorry to hear what you've been through but so good to hear you're pregnant again. It's too early for me to think about it - but as you say I'm not getting any younger either! Today has actually been a good day - first day I've not cried! Thanks for the support - from you and everyone here.

MolaCdo Thu 11-Apr-13 19:23:44

Cyrli I know what you mean about not being able to concentrate - I tried to go back to work earlier this week and was pretty much totally useless. Then went to bits when I found out in the middle of a meeting that a colleague is pregnant. Take things easy - it can only get better right?

dannyboyle Thu 11-Apr-13 19:31:51

Hi. Just wanted to say that I had three mmc in a row at the same point, all with erpc to sort out. Was dreadfully upset and thought life was massively cheating me! We started testing, but before they could fin anything we got pregnant again and fourth time lucky, and fifth time actually smile. There may be reasons, but also there may not, docs said we just had bad luck. Please don't lose hope (I'm 39 by the way and youngest is 6 months grin)

Cyrli Fri 12-Apr-13 19:56:32

Molcado, I went back to work too soon last time and was expected to be back to normal. It's going to be worse this time as the woman sat opposite me is pregnant. I'm going to give myself some more time this time round.

Thank you for giving us some hope Dannyboyle, I really hope we'll be lucky next time as I can't see dh agreeing to go through this again sad

I had another blood test this morning to test thyroid levels and antibodies.

I hope we get some answers next week, even if it's only to rule thyroid antibodies and aps out. I'll update when I know.

MolaCdo Sat 13-Apr-13 11:29:55

Hey, I've been doing some research (good or bad?!) - seems that karyotyping in my situation is totally normal. The swollen abdomen was really an enlarged fetal bladder caused by a blocked urethra. This can be caused by trisomy of particular chromosomes, or sometimes it's just a blockage that (in some cases) can resolve itself and people go on to have perfectly healthy babies - sometimes it doesn't resolve itself. I guess we'll find out which camp we are in when we get the results.

I've found some incredible forums - women who have had to make heart breaking decisions about whether to carry their baby to term knowing that they wouldn't survive. I don't think I could have done that and maybe I'm lucky that such decisions were taken out of my hands...

Cyrli - I'll try to give myself and break and take more time. It will inevitably be hard for you when you go back - I'm sorry you have to go through this. Truly hope you do get answers next week - it's all we ever want - to find out why.

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