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multiple chemical pregnancies after EPRC?

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ovechkin Wed 03-Apr-13 14:34:33

Hello - wondered if anyone had any advice. I have a DS who is 4 (conceived v quickly) and in June 12 conceived again after one attempt - sadly I had to have a termination at 12wks in late September as baby was incompatibile with life. I had the equivalent of an EPRC I believe.
Since then I have conceived 3 times (Nov, Dec and now March) but each time I have got a positive pregnancy test and then before 5 weeks, bleeding and I presume a chemical pregnancy.
Given that I seem to conceive very easily (with both pregnancies) and 3 chem pregnancies since, it appears to me that something has changed post EPRC. Does this strip the lining of the womb away, does anyone have any advice on this or experience?
I am going to make a docs appointment about this, but wondered if anyone had any experience of anything similar. I am 37 for what that's worth!

butterfly86 Wed 03-Apr-13 16:03:13

Hi I'm sorry for what you are going through, I have had 4 mc so know how you feel. I have had 2 erpc and each time I was terrified it was going to affect my fertility. I think what you are thinking about is asherman's syndrome where the uterus gets scarred, just to put your mind at rest I asked my consultant about it once and in her words "it's as rare as hen's teeth" how are your periods usually with ashermans you have no periods or they are very light. I also think it makes it difficult to get pregnant which you seem to be having no difficulty with like me. I'm a bit younger than you are so you are probably anxious for it to happen asap but we have been advised to have a little break now to give my body a rest it's diffucult when all you want is a baby but I feel like it's the right thing to do. I'm also having accupuncture to help to prepare my body for the next pregnancy. Definately make the app though it doesn't. hurt to get checked out.

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