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Miscarriage due to shortened cervix?

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Bakingtins Fri 22-Mar-13 19:51:28

If you are entitled to the tests on the NHS it's worth having them. In about 50% of cases they don't find a reason, but it's worth ruling out the things which can be treated (e.g. thryoid problems, the autoimmune clotting problems etc) before trying again. I would hate to think there was something simple I could have been doing to prevent this happening again and again. sad
I would talk to the doctor about it at your follow up. I think maybe the nurse was speaking out of turn, but hopefully you can get some clarification.

fleur8 Fri 22-Mar-13 14:27:44

Thanks for responding Bakintins. Yes they are carrying out tests however they did say these may prove to be inconclusive. I will definitely follow up with the doctor again when I meet with him as to be honest what the nurse has told me has scared me! I am grateful I now know I have a SC but am so scared to try again sad

Bakingtins Fri 22-Mar-13 14:06:52

Hi fleur I'm so sorry you lost your baby.
As far as I know losses due to a cervical abnormality would cause premature labour, not a missed miscarriage. Are you having any tests carried out on the baby to see if there was a chromosome problem? I'd speak to the doctor again for clarity since you've been told different things. If it was a cervix problem then you could have a stitch in a future pregnancy to prevent it opening, but it doesn't really sound likely.

fleur8 Fri 22-Mar-13 13:37:32

I actually had ERPC not D&C

fleur8 Fri 22-Mar-13 13:00:26

Hi I am new here but have just had a missed MC. I only found out at 16 weeks (my first scan). I has lost the baby around 12/13 weeks but my body was still thinking i was pregnant. I opted for a d&c which was performed yesterday. Afterwards the nurse who was present during the procedure said I has a SC and this caused the cervix to open and cause the miscarriage. However when I spoke with the consultant performing the surgery he said although I had a SC my cervix was still closed (hence the missed miscarriage) and it was likely to be caused by chromosome abnormalities. I am now confused why I was told 2 different things??

Also this was my first pregnancy and I am so scared to try again if my SC means I can miscarry. i have tried to search the web for more information and I have found lots regarding incompetent cervix - is this the same thing? Sorry for all the questions but I meet with my consultant in a couple of weeks and I want to understand - has anyone got any positive SC stories where they carried a baby full term?

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