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Experiences of early miscarriage, blighted/anembryonic pregnancy

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williwonti Mon 04-Mar-13 19:47:51

I'll keep it short (through the tears). Had second scan today which I was convinced would show I had miscarried my baby (7wks) but hospital will not diagnose miscarriage as sac has got bigger in last 7 days. I have to go back in another 8 days for a final assessment because she said there is a "remote chance" it will develop into a baby. if there is no baby next Tuesday then that's that. I've been bleeding heavily with cramps for 9 days now - what on earth is going on! Guess what I am asking is (a)if anyone has ever experienced this and gone on to see a baby despite it looking like no hope and (b) if all hope does go next Tuesday, what type of "management" do I go for? Tablets or surgery (D&C). have read the facts but wondered if people's actual experience was any different to what the medics say. Thank you.

WillSantaComeAgain Mon 04-Mar-13 21:19:08

Hi hon, I didn't want to read and run, as I know how much pain you must be in right now. It's shit in every way, but you will survive.

I'm afraid I can't give you the hope you want (I've had two- I was lucky I got seen by a consultant who didn't make me wait for the further week) but I can tell you that I had ERPC both times as it was what I wanted to get it over and done. The procedure is pain free and quite dull- physically ok within 2days.

Hugs xx

Bakingtins Tue 05-Mar-13 02:41:06

I'm so sorry you are going through this. I know they are only following their procedures but being left in limbo is just cruel. Can't help you with a) though I'm sure it does happen.
My experience is that if you are already bleeding but the miscarriage is incomplete they will tend to encourage you to go for natural or medical management. I've had both, plus effectively a ERPC after birth of my DS. I have found the 'natural' process of miscarrying very distressing and protracted, and the tablets just seemed to make it more painful. I'm currently facing MC no 3, and expecting that it will largely have happened before I get to see anyone so I won't have a choice again, but if you are in the situation where you can choose I'd go for ERPC.

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