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Physical recovery after late MC?

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flyingsprocket Mon 25-Feb-13 10:08:17

Thanks so much for sharing nectarini ours was a little boy too x

nectarini1983 Sun 24-Feb-13 18:58:57


I lost my little boy at 17 weeks just over 6 weeks ago now.

In answer to your question. ...physically im absolutely fine now. To start with my boobs were very sore and I bled for three and a half weeks (quite similar as to following a full term delivery). Didnt do any exercise for 4/5 weeks and didn't have any nookie til last week but that was more of a mental thing than physical for me although Im very scared of becoming pregnant again so being careful as want to wait til after baby's due date as that seems the right thing to do for me.

Its the emotional side of what weve lost that will take the time to heal. The initial rawness is fading but I still feel very wronged and cheated. Our baby was wante amd loved amd its just heart breaking that he was taken from us.

If you want to talk then im here if you need me. Ive found someof the kind words ive received on here very comforting.

I think the worst thing is that I feel completely back to normal in my body now which just makes it even sadder really.

Thinking of you x

flyingsprocket Sun 24-Feb-13 08:07:45

Sadly I miscarried on Thursday at 17+2. When I presented at hospital my waters had gone & I was dilated 1cm. Heartbreakingly our lil baby still had a heartbeat.

I was really well looked after & everything happened very quickly, thankfully I was back in my own bed that night.

My question is if you've gone through similar how were you physically afterwards? I've been quite sore (possibly because it was quite a struggle to get the placenta out) and feel uncomfortable when I walk (not attempting to do much, just a very short walk to the shop for some fresh air & chocolate!) I also feel physically drained, I have done for a while as I'd been bleeding for almost 6 weeks.

How long did it take you to feel better? When did you attempt any exercise? What about intercourse? I know we're all different but I only know women who've had earlier MCs & would like to hear other people's experiences to give me a rough idea what I'm facing.

Thanks ladies x

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