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MrsSpencerReid Wed 20-Feb-13 10:00:28

Also, Cali, I have decided to prepare for the worst and anything else is a bonus!! After all, it can only get better then smile

MrsSpencerReid Wed 20-Feb-13 09:59:35

Thank you both, my close friends know what's happened so she is takin me out for lunch today and my mum is coming up in sat, unfortunately my oh is in a really stressful patch at work do needs to work loads over the next few days sad I really hope this doesn't drag on for 4 weeks of scanning and then the actual mc, I'm back at work in 4 weeks and I'm hoping it's over by then, physically at least! Suppose I should get dressed now!!

CaliBee Wed 20-Feb-13 07:57:57

Hi and so sorry you are going through this. 4 weeks ago today I had a mc. Like you I knew the dates couldnt be wrong...even though the nurses at EPAU were trying to keep me positive. I had 3 scans over 4 weeks...each showing a little more development...but certainly not normal develpoment. It was hell, long drawn out and painful. However I have come out the otherside.
I analysed and googled and did all the usual things trying to find answers. In the end I found it easier to just accept things were not good. MY philosophy was to think the worst and then anything better was a bonus.. Sadly it wasnt good news for me but I think I was partly prepared when the worst happened if you understand me. I would say do what you need to it burying yourself in activities or googling the hell out of your laptop.
I wish you lots of luck x

SaggyOldClothCatpuss Wed 20-Feb-13 00:10:17

There are lots of official figures and statistics about measurements, dates and hormone levels, but there are plenty of stories of people whos pgs didnt measure up and hit the right milestones initially and still had succesful pgs. Mine was similar, good hcg levels, a good idea of conception date and nothing visible at an early scan. I was told I could just have got the dates wrong, but I knew I couldnt have. Like you, Id had a blood test very early on, and Id have been about a week pg. As you say, I knew things just didnt measure up.
That said, you just never know, Mother Nature is a weird cookie!
What I do know is that you really need to try not to spend the next week analysing, mulling things over and trying to work things out. That way madness lies! Keep occupied and get out of the house. Dont brood until you know the worst. Fingers crossed for you my lovely.

MrsSpencerReid Tue 19-Feb-13 17:26:06

I've just had what should have been an 8w dating scan,(bfp 18/1 last period 22/12) however sac measured only 5 weeks, I'm going back next week for a another scan, fine, except I had a blood hcg test done on 1st feb at 6w which was 649, if I was 5w then I would have only just conceived when I had the blood test and so that result doesn't make sense, from what I've read it would take a while to get to that, this has brought me to the conclusion that I did get pregnant when I thought but have had a mmc at 5w. I'm not really looking for stories of hope cos i've convinced myself I was just wondering if the conclusions I had come to seemed ?logical or if i'd missed something obvious! I just can't see how the blood test and the scan fit any other scenario, thanks for reading

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