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Am i miscarrying?

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SmeeHee Wed 20-Feb-13 01:00:37

Just wanted to add my experiences for you. With my second and third pregnancies I had a very similar experience to what you've described - the only difference is that I was slightly further along so also had morning sickness symptoms.

With the second pregnancy the sickness disappeared as the bleeding started. I miscarried and the bleeding lasted about a week and was just like a heavy period. Emotionally I was a mess for a while, I found talking to my DH and close friends really helped.

With the third pregnancy the symptoms were identical to start, except the morning sickness continued. I bled for just over two weeks, with cramping and quite a lot of blood at times. I was convinced I was miscarrying again but two scans at the early pregnancy unit showed the baby was fine and he's now two.

It's horrible waiting to find out. I hope that this turns out well for you and that you get some emotional support and time to rest no matter what.

SaggyOldClothCatpuss Wed 20-Feb-13 00:38:06

Wanting to hide seems to be pretty much par for the course. Your mum is a good place,to start for help, as Bakingtins says, tell her you have flu if it helps. There are some horrid viruses out there right now that just knock you out! wink
I have found that just breaking down in front of DP really helps. Ive been hysterical with DP more than once in the last few weeks, and he's been a brick. He doesnt often get a chance to show his sensitive side!
Im really sorry you are going through this, its really shit, but you need to open up and ask for help.

Bakingtins Tue 19-Feb-13 14:54:29

Can you rally your mother and your DH to take over with your kids so you can go to bed? It won't change anything or stop a miscarriage if that is the way things are going, but you need to be able to do this in peace. Tell your mum you have flu if you don't think she'll be sympathetic at the moment, you can decide who you want to tell what at a later date.
I think it's very hard for men to get how emotional the prospect of losing a baby is, I don't think the baby is real to them until it is born. However, even if he can't understand how upset you are feeling, he can step up and handle the practicalities.
I can relate to how you feel, when I MC I just wanted to curl up and shut out the world. Luckily DH was pretty good about taking the boys off my hands for a few days.

StrawberryGateaux Tue 19-Feb-13 14:16:33

The blood is now in my pad and the toilet pan also has blood in itsad
I can only suspect this is a miscarriage. Really not having a good time of late, dc are on half term & been playing up all day, my recently redundant dh has had our jsa suspended because they didn't think he applied for enough work this week and i'm due to go out with friends this week.
I feel so lowsad, just as i'm getting excited and this happens. Been spotting since saturday, and things now seem to be moving on in the worst possible way.
I don't know what to say to my mother, as she didn't even know i was pregnant, the kids are not calming down & dh hasn't a clue how i'm feeling.
Just want to go to bed until it's over, but it's not a possibility.
I don't know how many days to expect bleeding or what to dosad

StrawberryGateaux Tue 19-Feb-13 13:22:13

Went out an abou today and there is yet more blood on the tissue when i wipeconfused
I'm going to phone docs 1st thing tomorrow morning

Bakingtins Tue 19-Feb-13 13:08:00

It does happen in many normal pregnancies. Many of the women who go to EPU worried will be reassured and will go on to have a healthy baby. it's very hard not to worry though. Stay positive.

Coconutty Tue 19-Feb-13 08:51:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

StrawberryGateaux Tue 19-Feb-13 08:49:39

Thankyou bakingtins, in all honesty i haven't a clue whats going on.
I have had more tummy cramps & two episodes of finding a very small amount of blood when wiping.
I'm going to see how i go today, and then book an app with the doc.
I still have pregnancy symptoms, but having never experienced any bleeding in any of my previous pregnancies i think i've worked myself up into a worried frenzy, and i'm just hoping this happens in some normal pregnancies x

Bakingtins Tue 19-Feb-13 07:12:49

How are you today, Strawberry?
At 5 weeks if you do miscarry then physically it will probably be like a heavy period. There won't be anything to see that early on.
You're not supposed to use tampons so if you are still worried get some night-time pads.
I hope it's all settled down and you feel less anxious.

StrawberryGateaux Mon 18-Feb-13 15:10:38

Thankyou Christine, what does a uti feel like?

ChristineDaae Mon 18-Feb-13 15:06:03


It may be worth getting them to at least check if its an infection. ,
My Doc sent me to a&e with early bleeding and the firs thing try d was check for a urine infection. Do you have an out of hours service? I found ours was more useful that the docs office.

StrawberryGateaux Mon 18-Feb-13 14:16:56

Thankyou was due on, on the 10th, so that makes me 5weeks i thinkblush
Sorry for your losses.
Just been to the loo again and blood streaks when i wipe, yet none in my knickers. It's got mucus streaks in it tmi.
I just want to know what is happening, only my dh knows i'm pregnant and i feel so alone at present. I don't feel as though i'm able to confide in anyone else, as having number 5 wouldn't amuse themsad iyswim.

Silly question i know, but how many days will it take for me to mc if that is what is happening?
I feel in such limbo, i don't know whether to go out/stay in.
I feel so down, and i have an upcoming do, to go to soon, it's so akward and i'm worried about how bad it will get.
Will i leak, will the blood be heavy and will i see anything?
Being not sure if & when it's going to happen is making me so nervous & iv'e got to carry on as normal to others, which i'm going to find hard.
I do have cramps, if i didn't have those i wouldn't be worrying as much.
The gp surgery in my area is awful, you have to tell the reptionist what your problem is before they'll even let you see a doctor and even then they place me with my least prefered doc.
Will sit and wade this out sad

Bakingtins Mon 18-Feb-13 13:38:33

Hi Strawberry sorry you are going through this, it's so stressful worrying what is happening. Mild bleeding in early pregnancy is very common and many times everything will be ok, but it can also be the start of a miscarriage. I've had 4 pregnancies and bled in all of them, twice have had healthy babies and twice miscarried.
Have you tried another pregnancy test? If it's still positive that's a hopeful sign, if not then at least you know what is happening.
You don't say how far on you think you are but I'm assuming 4-5 weeks from your recent BFP. A scan would have to be done with a vaginal probe at that stage and may not be conclusive, as you wouldn't expect to see a bean with a heartbeat until 6 weeks. They would check your cervix, if it's still closed that's encouraging. You can also get blood tests for HCG done twice at 48 hour interval and you'd expect to see the level rising (approx doubling in 48 hours) if the pregnancy is progressing normally. Your local early pregnancy unit is the way to access these services, either you can self-refer or you may need a GP to do it for you, the GP won't do anything so you probably have nothing to gain from seeing them but if you telephone they should know the arrangements for your nearest EPU.
Of course none of these tests change the outcome, so you may prefer to just wait it out and see what happens.
Sending you unmumsnetty ((hugs)) it is the worst feeling in the world when you see that bit of blood. Hope you get a good outcome.

StrawberryGateaux Mon 18-Feb-13 11:38:45

Hi, i poas last wednesday, it was positive on 3 tests.
This would have been dc5, and i have had no previous mcs.
On saturday i was getting blood when i wiped two times when urinating & then yesterday and then a small bit today. Have had tummy cramps and needed to wee an awful lot, back also hurts.
The bleeding isn't getting any heavier and the tummy cramps seem to have stops.
Nipples still tingle and still feel pregnant iyswim.

Could this be a uti, or are these signs of mc. I just want to know either way.
Can't see a mw as in this are you can't book in until 10weeks.
Do i wait this out and take another poas at the end of the week or see a doctor?

Feels so emotional today, i was coming around to the shock of having no5 & then i seem to feel the end is nighsad

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