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Smoking and ectopic pregnancy - blaming myself

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PukeCatcher Fri 01-Feb-13 16:03:51

Sorry for your loss. I smoked a similar amount per day as you prior to getting pregnant, which turned out to be ectopic.

they ran some dye through my tubes (can't remember what this procedure is called) and I have a bit of a dip or a kink in the tube where it was stuck, just one of those things.

I got pregnant again about a year later.

Hope you're ok.

sarah00001 Fri 01-Feb-13 15:54:42

Hi all, I had an ectopic pregnancy removed a couple of weeks ago. I've read about the risk factors and I meet two of them - having had chlamydia in the past (9 months) and smoking. I smoked 5-10 per day on and off for about 18 years however I cut down considerably in the 3 months or so before ttc and was smoking about 5-10 per week. I know this still isn't good but it was better than it was. I have read so much about the links with ectopics and smoking and think there is a good chance that this contributed to it or caused it. Either that or the chlamdydia. I feel so down that this may all be my fault. Im not even sure the damage from smoking is reversible. I'm not looking for sympathy as I know how stupid I've been, but I wondered if anyone else who was a smoker and had an ectopic and then went onto have a successful pregnancy? so that I know there is still hope. Thank you.

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