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How could I be 3 weeks out?

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HoleyGhost Tue 12-Feb-13 18:26:49

You can see the thread I posted last week. It was obvious that my foetus was not viable either but I was told to wait a week for it to be confirmed. I miscarried naturally last night and had little physical pain.

Do you have private health insurance which might cover erpc? In any case you could phone your GP for advice.

Best wishes

pinkjumper1 Tue 12-Feb-13 18:14:23

Well guess what? Went for the scan today, having been told that if there was no heartbeat it definitely wouldn't be viable. Not only was there no heartbeat but the fetal pole had only grown 0.5mm in a week. I was devastated of course but I had been expecting it so I sat in the waiting room for 2 hours while I thought they were trying to find me a bed but they decided in their wisdom that because there had been some growth they couldn't do the ERPC and I will have to wait another TWO WEEKS for another scan. The sonographer, the nurses and the doctor all agreed that it wasn't viable and I will probably miscarry before I have the next scan. I'm terrified of miscarrying naturally - my sister did and she was in agony for a week before the sac finally passed. I can't believe they are making me wait so long even though everyone finally admits it isn't viable

MurderOfProse Wed 06-Feb-13 19:56:25

Exactly this happened to me five years ago. They refused to believe my dates despite me pointing out the BFP before conception. They also refused to do anything whilst there was still a heartbeat even though the heartbeat was stupidly low and the whole thing was clearly not viable given it had only grown a few mm in a week. Weirdly a week later a second yolk sac had appeared, which usually means some sort of chromosomal issue - twins gone bad perhaps. I got an ERPC after that as the heartbeat had gone.

It was one of the longest months of my life - repeat scans every week - until the end clinging onto the slightest bit of hope.. I am so sorry you are going through this, it is utterly miserable.

HoleyGhost Tue 05-Feb-13 15:09:20

They can never admit they just don't know the answer. I think they tend to assume we must have our dates wrong rather than something unusual happening.

pinkjumper1 Tue 05-Feb-13 13:38:15

Had another scan today - should be 8.5 weeks. There had been more development - 2.5mm fetal pole and they said it was about 5.5 weeks. I have to go back yet again next week and it will be for the last time - if there is no heart beat they will at last admit it isn't viable. I tried asking what the explanation could be - did I concieve, miscarry and get pregnant again, all without bleeding, or did the embryo implant and then not start growing for 3 weeks? They looked at me as if I was mad and didn't seem quite sure whether the dates from ultrasound were gestational age or postmenstrual age. I've decided there's no point asking any more questions.

CaliBee Thu 31-Jan-13 19:51:27

I know how you''re feeling. Its exactly what happened to me. I really hope things turn out ok for you. Here to chat if you need to x

pinkjumper1 Thu 31-Jan-13 19:24:40

Thanks for the messages. My next scan is on Tuesday. The thing I am really puzzled about is how I got two positive results before I supposedly got pregnant! It's almost as if the embryo implanted and then waited 2 weeks before it started growing. I was convinced before the first scan that the pregnancy wasn't viable. I assumed it was another blighted ovum and was actually booked in to go straight for an ERCP after the second scan - it was just a formality really. I'm so desperate for this to work out though but I think it's false hope really.

amazingmumof6 Thu 31-Jan-13 13:31:14

orangelily - grin oh when can I move in?
I love science and frankly nowadays I'd much rather ponder about the wonders of the universe then worry about housework & children...I'm a such a bad mommy, aren't I? grin

OrangeLily Thu 31-Jan-13 12:59:39

I don't have any information to add. I really hope it works out for you.

However, I would like amazing mum to come and live in my house and teach me all about science!!

CaliBee Thu 31-Jan-13 12:26:22

grin...I so hope you are right x

amazingmumof6 Thu 31-Jan-13 10:58:52

I do hope it happens for you though, I think that at 43 you still have a good chance!

CaliBee Thu 31-Jan-13 10:52:23

I agree amazingmum...even the nurses at EPAU said to me that nothing ever surprises them in their job. For me it was a much longed for baby after a 15 year break between my last child. My DP doesnt have any of his own, but sadly at nearly 43 my age is against me.

amazingmumof6 Thu 31-Jan-13 10:42:07

Calibee I only said it coz anything can happen, just wanted to illustrate the rang of possibilities, and how you can't always tell what's going on until after! I read about a woman once who had 2 wombs and had one baby in 1 womb, twins in the other and was due 2 weeks apart with them! boggles my mind!

very sorry to hear about your loss, I had a MC at 12 weeks after DS4, very shocking and the worst thing that ever happened to me. she'd be 4 this May and we always have a "pink day" to remember her!

but had another boy and then a girl after the MC, not bragging just saying that there's no reason why you couldn't have a healthy baby next time!

CaliBee Thu 31-Jan-13 07:59:15

All of the above is really interesting amazingmum...I would have thought it pretty rare to ovulate from each ovary a week apart though.
I had this scenario pregnancy showed development at each scan (3 in all) of a prenancy about 3 weeks younger than my dates. I was pretty sure of my within about 24 hours as I was having follicle tracking and I was charting. I also had a positive test result at about 10dpo so if my pregnancy had been earlier that would have been unexplainable. Unfortunately for me I miscarried naturally at 10 weeks last week.
However..there is hope. Whilst going through it myself I heard/read about hundreds of women who went through the same thing and ended up with perfectly healthy bouncing babies. I also know that having a tilted uterus can sometimes make it difficult to get a good view on a scan.
I really hope this turns out well for you. When is your next scan?

amazingmumof6 Wed 30-Jan-13 22:28:37

gestation is actually 38 weeks in humans, but you are "pregnant" for 40 weeks, because it is based on a 28 cycle assuming you ovulate halfway between.
the extra weeks comes from difference of the day of last period and day of ovulation.
so on day you conceive you are considered 2 weeks pregnant already!

but not many people can tell for sure when they ovulate/d or indeed conceive/d.
if the egg is not fertilized you'll have a period 2 weeks after ovulation. that's a fact and when you have a period you will know that you ovulated 2 weeks previously.

but whenever you'll ovulate next is not necessary 14-15 days!

you might ovulate again from the other ovary while you are having a period or soon after.
or even between first ovulation (say Day 10) and a period (say Day 24), in which case you could get pregnant in that cycle on say day 18 and be actually 1 week pregnant while you are having a period!!!!!

or if you are ill or stressed or have a trauma etc your ovaries won't release any eggs to stop you from conceiving at a bad time so to speak in that case yo u could ovulate days or weeks later than you should be or just skip one...

if you ovulate late in your cycle, say Day 27 and get pg, the test won't even show anything until about day 44 or so!

in which case it's even more confusing, because the embryo/foetus is only 2 weeks old, but you are 6 weeks pregnant!
which is what happened to me with DS2!!!!

does that make sense?

pinkjumper1 Wed 30-Jan-13 20:48:04

Sorry this is a bit complicated - I don't understand what's going on here - sure there's no hope...

LMP was 8/12/12
Ov on approx 23/12 (+ve OPK and temperature rise)
Very faint positive on 4/1/13 (4 weeks) then slightly darker line 2 days later
Scan at EPU at 5.5 weeks because of suspected ectopic showed a tiny sac (much too small for 5.5 weeks so I assumed I would mc)
2 weeks later sac had grown, yolk sac appeared and there were 'echoes suggesting a very early fetal pole'. They estimated it at between 4 and 5 weeks - should have been 7.5 weeks. The nurse was very excited and said it was developing as it should. She managed to raise my hopes but when I got home and looked at the calender I realised that it meant I got two positive results before I was even pregnant.
I'm due to go back for another scan next week and don't know whether there's any possibility things could be OK - any ideas?
Oh and I discovered at the first scan that I have a tilted uterus. No-one mentioned that when I had scans last October when I had a blighted ovum.

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