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waiting for a possible second miscarriage (blighted ovum)

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andi86 Tue 29-Jan-13 20:52:53

Thankyou for taking your time to reply girls. It is so sad to hear that so many people go through this.

Nicky I completely understand what you mean, I am scared to even leave the house incase the bleeding and cramping starts whilst I am in public. As this happened last time and it was not very pleasant. I have heard miscarriages are all very different and some people do not feel much pain or have excessive bleeding, lets hope this is the case this time round.

Calibee, that is what i thought; the presence of a yolk sac rules out a blighted ovum. However when I queried this to the nurse today, she dismissed it. They were so rubbish at providing me with information and answering my questions. So lucky to have these forums to help.

I really wish you all the best.
Take care girls.


FrameyMcFrame Tue 29-Jan-13 18:44:28

Hi Op I have also had a blighted ovum miscarriage and it sounds exactly the same. They waited and I came back for further scans and the picture was still the same.
I was then asked if I wanted the pregnancy removing or to wait for it to happen naturally. I went to have the op later that afternoon under GA because I just wanted it over with.

It was fine, no pain at all.

FrameyMcFrame Tue 29-Jan-13 18:43:56

Hi Op I have also had a blighted ovum miscarriage and it sounds exactly the same. They waited and I came back for further scans and the picture was still the same.
I was then asked if I wanted the pregnancy removing or to wait for it to happen naturally. I went to have the op later that afternoon under GA because I just wanted it over with.

It was fine, no pain at all.

CaliBee Tue 29-Jan-13 18:33:33

Hello...first of all I am so very sorry to hear what you have both been through. I went through something very similar starting with a scan on New Years Eve at what would have been 6+3 which showed an empty sac, a week later a scan showed a yolk sac. I was positive of my dates (I was taking clomid with follicle scanning and DP in army so new exactly when he was home) but because epau could see development they could not intervene with surgical or medical management. At this point they said to wait another 2 weeks for another scan. For me this was too much and I booked a private scan a week later which confirmed a mmc. Armed with this I got my epau appointment brought forward by just a day..but booked into theatre for surgical management the day after. However the epau scan showed a small fetus...although the sac was irregular (probably starting to break down). So once again I was sent away. I miscarried naturally on my own last wednesday but feel the whole thing was drawn out when it was so obvious the pregnancy wasnt viable. In EPAU's defence though, they would not want to be terminating what could possibly be a viable pregnancy.

So andi...first of all the appearance of the yolk sac rules out a blighted ovum. Sadly these slow developing pregnancies are very probably the result of a chromosomal mix up at conception...sadly statistics show that up to half of all known first trimester miscarriages are due to this. Its one of those dreadful "luck of the draw" things and sadly you have had to suffer twice by the looks of things. Its completely possible that you will go on to have a very healthy baby next time
The waiting is soul destroying...I know. However it does seem that maybe your body is starting to recognise things and dealing with it in its own way. I had a brown discharge for about 4 days followed by a few days of normal af type bleeding then a couple of days of cramping and clots and then the big event where I had stronger cramps followed by the passing of the sac and fetus which lasted a few hours. Since then my body has recovered fairly quickly...bleeding stopped and pregnancy tests now negative
I found this site and the lovely ladies (especially those on the over 40's thread) such a comfort and help...and a mine of information. Maybe try the Miscarriage Association...or maybe book into to see a female Dr at your GP practice.
My heart goes out to both of you. Take lots of care of yourselves.

nickyboo Tue 29-Jan-13 16:56:15

Hi andi,
I'm really sorry to hear what you are going through at the moment. The waiting is the worst part. I'm finding myself in the exact same boat, unfortunately. I have a 3year old DS- textbook pregnancy ( my first) and no issues. Last July I suffered a MMC, picked up at 11 and a half weeks , when I got referred to the EPU for some bleeding. When they scanned me they told me there was no heartbeat and that the foetus had died at about 9 weeks. Like you, I had had lots of pregnancy symptoms ( in fact a lot more than I had when pregnant with my son!). So it was a complete shock and I was devastated. I opted for an ERPC and they booked me in for that the next day. However, the next morning when I was at the hospital waiting to go down I started to miscarry naturally. It truly was horrendous- so much blood and very frightening. I was relieved that I was in hospital when it happened as it was so much more than I expected and I would have freaked out if I'd been at home. They still went ahead with the ERPC anyway as they said some tissue still remained, and that was pretty straightforward to be honest and recovery was fine.

Roll on 6 months and I found myself pregnant again at the start of Jan this year. We've been trying for a baby and I've been very careful to take note of my dates each month so I knew that I was 5 weeks pregnant when I tested and got the positive result on 1 Jan. Like you, I've had lots of symptoms, been feeling very queasy , tired and boobs have grown quite a bit. I've also had a very short fuse and have been snapping at everyone for the slightest thing. When I found out I was pregnant this time, my husband and I agreed that we'd have a private scan at 9 weeks for some reassurance, after what happened last time. We had the scan last Sunday and to my horror the slightly unsympathetic sonographer said that all she could see was an empty gestational sac, no yolk sac or foetus. She advised scanning again in 7 days to confirm. That night I started to bleed a bit so went to my GP yesterday morning, who sent me straight to my EPU. They scanned me internally and said they could see a gestational sac, a yolk sac and what looks like a very early foetus. They said it was too small to see a heartbeat , and it could be a very early pregnancy. I said I didn't think this could be right- I'm certain of my dates, should be 9 weeks pregnant and if that was the case they should definitely see a heartbeat at his stage. They wouldn't confirm anything, said to come back in a week for another scan and see if things progress. I know they won't- to me it's obvious that the very small embryo they saw was my baby which died a number of weeks back. I was sent home with very little information about what to do if bleeding started. No information on pain relief or anyhing.I'm terrified of going through the natural route after the last time and just waiting for it to start is driving me crazy. I have lots and lots of cramps, am bleeding but just like a period at the moment.i haven't been able to go to work as I'm too afraid that the heavy bleeding/passing clots will start when I'm at work or even worse on the tube or something. So I'm just in limbo really-want it to be over but terrified of it starting.

In your case I think 2 weeks is a long time to wait between scanning. Can they not rescan after 7 days? I agree that the waiting is the worst part and nobody seems to want to take ownership for making a decision.sorry for hijacking your post with my story- its so helpful to hear from someone who is going through a similar unhappy experience ( am so sorry that you are) . If it wasn't for the helpful information on this forum I'd feel completely in the dark and very lonely. I hope things work out well for you and you get some answers soon. In the meantime, take it easy- hopefully someone will be looking after you and that you'll be able to rest up.
Take care xx

andi86 Tue 29-Jan-13 15:11:49


I am not sure why I’m writing, whether its for advice or just to have an outlet for my frustration. 2 years ago I experienced a miscarriage at 9 weeks. I had a scan at 7 weeks, and was told it was most likely going to be a miscarriage as there was no fetal lobe. A couple of weeks later I miscarried. I remember it being the worst pain I have ever felt. Severe cramping, and bleeding, and I was told to go to the hospital, as there was soo much blood loss.

I have now become pregnant again. The first day of my last period was 09/11/12. I did a pregnancy test on 19/12/12, which confirmed I was pregnant. I have then gone on to feel all the typical symptoms, at 6/7 weeks I started feeling nausea, my breasts were extremely sore. I grew two bra sizes in a matter of weeks, and had to go shopping for maternity bras. My first appointment with my midwife was at 10 weeks. She said I would have to wait a possible three weeks for a scan date to come through. This would mean I could be potentially 14/15 weeks before my first scan. I was very anxious after my previous experience and booked in for a private scan at 11 weeks.

My heart sank as soon as I chat in the chair, and I saw that there was no fetus in the sac. A gestational sac measuring 6 weeks, and yolk was seen but no fetus. The lady explained that my dates could be wrong and it could just be an early pregnancy and not to lose hope completely. She said the best thing to do was see my doctor and book in for another scan in two weeks time.

I saw my doctor, who did not tell me anything I didn’t know. He said most likely it was miscarriage. He booked me in for another scan. I wanted to ask him questions, but he said they would answer everything at the hospital. I asked if it was possible to get tests, and he said the hospital does not get ‘excited’ unless I have three or more miscarriages. I went to the hospital for my scan, who again said I was showing a 6 week picture, and I would have to return in two weeks. The nurse said that was everything and I should be on my way. I again said I have questions to ask, she replied that it would be best to ask my doctor. I feel no one wants to answer questions and they are very quick to pass the book.

So I feel confused. Should I just let go, as I don’t want to build my hopes up. I think what I have is something called a blighted ovum, however I do not understand if it is common to have more than one of these? I have had brown discharge for past three days, since my internal scan, however no cramping or bleeding. Is this the start of my miscarriage? Is there nothing I can do but wait for it to happen? Waiting is the hardest part. Especially now I know what to expect, and I feel I am just waiting for the pain to begin. I could start to come to terms with things, however I am stuck in this land of waiting. Sorry this story is long. Just wasn’t sure where to discuss how I am feeling.

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