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First period after mc think im ovulating but there is still blood???

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workingonitagain Wed 23-Jan-13 14:00:05

hi everyone
i posted here before but i am confused sorry TMI. i had a medicly assisted mc a month ago. i got my period 15 days ago but still spotting only notice it when i wipe. Before my mc it was quite easy to tell when i was ovulating from the cm as it was very clear and strechy so the last couple of days i've been getting that but it's also mixed with blood???
I don't understand how it's possible to ovulate when my period has still not finished. Unless it's not period blood but something else hmm
My period before the mc was always about 6 days long this month i put it down to the mc. i also had 2 healthy pregnacies so very confused

Any advice will be appreciated thanks

Hevava Thu 24-Jan-13 18:36:10

Hi workingonitagain
Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. The getting-back-to-normal stage after a miscarriage can be hard, it's like another reminder that you don't want! Sounds like your body might just be getting back to normal, maybe things are still settling down? Hormones and stuff.....

I miscarried before Christmas and had an operation a few days later to remove the leftover tissue. I got what I think was my period about 3 weeks later but like you, it wasn't like normal. I had bad period pain for 2 days (usually only get it for an hour or 2) with only very light bleeding. I ended up ringing the hospital ward that treated me- they were really helpful and knew a lot more about what I should expect than the doctor probably would have done.

workingonitagain Thu 24-Jan-13 20:22:48

thanks Hevava. it seems to have finally stopped yesterday and no more blood in the cm so that on its own makes me quite happy smile
went to gp today and she gave me antibiotics for cramps and back saying it might be infection. Although i was a bit surprised that i got antibiotics without test. i'll take them and see what happens

Thanks for ur reply and good luck to you xx

Hevava Thu 24-Jan-13 22:06:19

I wonder whether doctors are more relaxed about these things when you've been through a mc.....

Glad to hear that it's stopped, good news [smile}

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