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Recurrent MC test results apptmt in 2 long weeks - will there be any more waiting???

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DomesticGoddess31 Tue 15-Jan-13 10:56:59

So I had 3 MCs last year, 1 in May (5-6 wks), 1 in June (4-5wks) and then most heartbreakingly one in October (10+3wks). I have had tons of blood tests and am waiting for my appointment with the consultant at the end of this month to discuss results. Evey day feels like an eternity, I just want to be pregnant again. I'm petrified that their going to tell me I have to wait even longer for some reason at this appointment. Can anyone give me an idea of what I should expect to haopen at this appointment? I think I need to prepare myself. I've had pretty much most of the tests available incl chromosome testing (both my and DH) and thrombohylia.

butterfly86 Tue 15-Jan-13 11:25:48

Hi sorry you are in this situation it awful isn't it I also had 3 mc last year at 9, 10 & 6 weeks. I had lots of blood tests done after the 2nd mc didn't have chromosome tests though the waiting is horrendous when it was getting near the time I was expecting the results back I was getting very stressed and was struggling to sleep. I can't offer any advice about what to expect at your appointment as I recieved my results in the post, I don't see why they would tell you to wait longer unless somethings came up in your tests in which case they would probably put you on some sort of treatment. Hope everything works out for you good luck! X

DomesticGoddess31 Tue 15-Jan-13 11:30:10

Sorry for your losses butterfly sad Its horrible isn't it. Feels like torture having to wait for so long before we can even try again and all I want is to still be pregnant. How are things for you now?

butterfly86 Tue 15-Jan-13 11:54:50

I know the desire to be pregnant like now is so overwhelming it's all you can think about but then when you do actually get pregnant it's so scary. I've got another app with my consultant next month just for follow up after my latest mc so not expecting much from it, I have got my first af since mc at least i think it is, started only 18 days after but everything gets so messed up I never know where I am! My consultant said to just try again when we are ready so I think we will just see what happens I'm going to get obsessed- well try not to!

Geekster Thu 17-Jan-13 15:39:55

Sorry you are going through this DomesticGoddess, I think it depends on what the results are. I think if its any kind of clotting problems there is no reason for not being able to try and get pregnant again. In our experience they did find a chromosome problem and we had to wait a further two months to see a geneticist, before we could try again.

Hope everything goes okay for you both.

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