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3family member got BFP!!!

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SophieBirkBirk Mon 14-Jan-13 18:22:32

3 losses 23, 7 & 7 weeks.Since april. not trying again until thad testing and results come back. About 6minths maybe longer. Not well due to thyroid.

My step sister (ss) and 2 step brothers (Sb) are expecting!!!

ss, 18yo- 8weeks with her first- smokes and doesnt ni who dad is.

Sb1.20yo- got a baby girl 4 months, dontknow how many weeks his gf is, he works but drinks alot. She doesnt work and I think just wants to POP out babies 19yo.

Sb2, 22yo- gf 5weeks, he drinks alot, smokes, think he does drugs and no job. Girlfriend smokes no job. 16yo Both very incapable to bring up baby!!!

Step mum hates me and doesn't pay intrest in my pregnancies so neither does my dad. Stwp mum is mum of the 3.

I'm nit jelous just annoyed!!! Is that how your ment to be to have a healthy baby?????

Bakingtins Tue 15-Jan-13 14:01:16

Hi * Sophie*. I think you are jealous and understandably so. It's not fair that you can do everything possible to have a healthy pregnancy and miscarry several times, whilst others do everything wrong and have healthy babies in the worst circumstances. To have that multiple times over in your own family must be a real kick in the teeth.
Don't know if it helps but someone said to me when I was struggling with jealous feelings to think if you'd want to swap lives with the person you are jealous of... sounds like your step-sibs are going to be in pretty miserable circumstances. The other thing is they are not having your baby, just a baby. Your baby is still out there waiting for the right time to come to you. (hope that's not too "woo")
You have my sympathy, it's going to be tough watching them all.

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