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Is this a miscarriage??

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linziluv Sat 12-Jan-13 13:34:41

Hi, I did a test yesterday which confirmed I'm pregnant. I've worked out 7 weeks...last night I was doubled over in pain and was bleeding quite watery blood (sorry tmi!), and a couple of tiny clots, this continued until I lay down and rested.
Slept fine and have woke up to minimal bleeding and like a heavy dragging feeling down there. I'm also feeling exhausted!
Do these things stop and start?? Anyone ekes had an MC like this??

JBrd Sat 12-Jan-13 13:56:59

Hi linziluv - I'd say it's probably too soon to tell anything!
I'd give it a couple of days to see if the bleeding starts again, but bleeding and spotting is very common in early pregnancy, so there is still a high chance that everything is OK.

Could you maybe talk to your midwife, see what she suggests?

Hope it all settles down again soon.

Bakingtins Sun 13-Jan-13 11:32:51

Hi Linzi it's not necessarily a MC, many people bleed in early pregnancy and everything is ok. If you are not booked in with a midwife yet contact your GP or the out of hours service today and get a referral to your local EPU for a scan.
I've had four pregnancies and bled in all of them - 2 successful and 2 MC. Each time I've been absolutely convinced that the pregnancy is over, but been proved wrong twice. Couldn't say bleeding was any worse with the pregnancies that did go on to miscarry so you just can't tell at this stage and you need to get a scan (ASAP for your own sanity, it's hard not knowing) to find out what is happening. Good luck, let us know either way.

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