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Bad headaches after MC?

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marmitelover Tue 01-Jan-13 18:54:29

Thanks Irishmammybread. If I don't feel any better tomorrow I will try and see the GP and just check there isn't anything amiss - or to get him to prescribe some stronger painkillers!

Irishmammybread Mon 31-Dec-12 21:42:20

sorry to hear of your miscarriage marmitelover ,I've had three miscarriages this year and had migraines associated with two of them. I'm prone to migraines anyway but I think the hormone fluctuations/stress even possibly dehydration can have an effect.
If you don't feel up to it possibly take more time off work, I went back to work too soon after my second miscarriage and ended up nearly collapsing so had to get signed off for a while longer.
It takes it's toll physically and emotionally, look after yourself. x

marmitelover Mon 31-Dec-12 19:51:22

Thanks Butterfly86 and sorry to hear your sad news. I can find lots of stuff online about miscarriage symptoms in terms of bleeding/cramps but nothing much about any other side effects. Maybe they are just different for everyone.

Hope 2013 starts better for you than 2012 ended x

butterfly86 Mon 31-Dec-12 19:45:32

Hi marmite sorry this has happened to you I also miscarried on boxing day for the 3rd time it's horrible. With my first mc I had horrendous headaches for weeks afterwards painkillers did nothing for me. I think it's probably a combination of stress and the sudden drop in hormones, it does go eventually. Take care and be easy on yourself don't rush back to work if you aren't up to it x

marmitelover Mon 31-Dec-12 19:16:03

I started miscarrying on Xmas Eve. I think the worst of the bleeding is over and I haven't had bad stomach cramps but a couple of days ago I started having crushingly bad headaches. (I don't get migraines normally). I have no temperature or smelly discharge or any cramps that would suggest an infection but I'm wondering if anyone else has had headaches like this? Is it normal? Is it stress related or more physical?

Meant to be going back to work on Weds!

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