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Today was my EDD

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cosysocks Mon 31-Dec-12 08:55:31

So sad today as it was my EDD, I planned on being all alone to really feel and say goodbye finally. I had MMC at 9 weeks and I am still not pregnant even though I thought I would be by now.
My DS (6) was supposed to be spending the day with my mum but he is feeling a bit under the weather and is wantin to stay close. So hard as all I want to do is be there for him but instead I'm just trying to not think about the baby I lost so I don't cry, when I'd originally set this day out as a day I could remember without having to pretend to be okay.
Sorry if the above makes no sense.

HeffalumpsAndWoozles Mon 31-Dec-12 08:58:57

Can you have a lazy day with your DS maybe, duvet, films, snacks etc so you're not having to perform or entertain too much? So sorry for your loss, thoughts with you today. thanks

Haribolicious Mon 31-Dec-12 09:14:06

So sorry for your loss.....can u have a little time out (have a good cry in the shower?) and then do as Heffalumps says....duvet day with DS and have extra cuddles. Light a can still do thngs to remember your baby.....tell your DS that you're feeling a little sad today as you're remembering something special? He might surprise DS was only 4 when I lost my mum and he just took it in his stride....he never asked questions and seemed to know to just let things 'be' on that day. Hope you get through today xx

cosysocks Mon 31-Dec-12 09:23:08

Thanks for your replies. haribolicious I've just come from the shower and a cry while DS is watching scooby do. I think I am just going to do that with him, tell him I'm a little sad but have a duvet day.
In a strange way I just want to say out loud tht today was my EDD hence the thread.

mrsL1984 Mon 31-Dec-12 09:29:44

Morning!! So sorry for your loss! I've had two miscarriages myself my most recent 11th dec and other 4 years ago, I personally will never forget the dates I missed or my edd! I think bout my babies very day and think what thy would be like! We set Chinese lanterns off, as my babies are stars in the sky. Find a wy to remember your baby it will always be special .... Thoughts with u today xxxthanksthanks

Bakingtins Tue 01-Jan-13 19:13:26

Hi cosysocks hope you are feeling ok today. These significant dates are hard. My EDD for my first miscarriage was my birthday so since then it's been a bittersweet day for me (but also quite easy to demand a day to myself). I find it helpful to do something to honour the memory of my baby around that time. Hope your son is feeling better today too.

cosysocks Tue 01-Jan-13 19:37:59

Thanks bakingtins, I think it was easier in the end having my son to focus on. Been doing okay, but then tonight I'm sat watching UP and that threw me!

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