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Recurrent miscarriage testing and beyond.. Part 6.. Over here!

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orangebowl Fri 28-Dec-12 18:55:56

We have filled up the last thread so here is the next.. Deep breath and grit your teeth for the roller coaster of emotions that continues... Hope tea and butterfly and all find it!

twentythirteen Wed 17-Apr-13 19:36:08

Tea, I write as I type and realise I commented on your post before the one you posted about AF coming. I'm sorry you got caught. That sounds very prescient of you, and like you had quite a tough night. I hope you're getting some looking after.

orangebowl Wed 17-Apr-13 20:39:15

Just popped in to say thinking of you tomorrow lands..


LandsN Wed 17-Apr-13 22:11:16

Thank you school all your support means a lot will update as soon as I can x

orangebowl Thu 18-Apr-13 13:56:48

Hi lands.. Checking on you this morning... X

LandsN Thu 18-Apr-13 16:14:43

Hi sorry for the late update scan was fine we have made it to 12 weeks 3 days x

Bakingtins Thu 18-Apr-13 16:16:17

Yay smile

squizita Thu 18-Apr-13 16:36:21

smile Good to hear.

orangebowl Thu 18-Apr-13 17:54:11

Yey!! Phew... Brilliant news.. Hardest bit over with now hopefully. X

teaandchocolate Thu 18-Apr-13 18:10:53

Lands that's amazing news! You must feel so relieved! Did they say if the bleed has completely gone?

LandsN Thu 18-Apr-13 21:33:25

Hi thanks everyone there is a small area of bleed still there which explains why I am still bleeding but she said structurally everything looks fine growth is good 59.5mm now all limbs visible so just to take it easy still keep taking asprin till 20 weeks I have for to see midwife and get a urine sample tested for infection where I have been bleeding so much just to be safe but other than that just wait for 16 week midwife appointment still can't believe it xx

squizita Fri 19-Apr-13 14:01:21

Hi all... well my MMC has been confirmed as such. Given that it is a MMC with a largish sac (13mm) they are testing for molar just in case (they stressed 'just in case' - the scan looks normal blighted ovum) and of course for chromasome abnormalities.

Very sad but not a shock as I knew from the tummy pains that something was wrong. No bleeding so hopefully ERPC will sort it. It sounds odd but it's not the same as MCing unexpectedly - I've been crying and lying around being worried and sad for 2 weeks, now I feel 'ok I can handle this, it's expected'.

Very helpfully, they have specifically written a number of times all over my notes "3RD MC, TO BE TESTED, PATIENT TO BE REFERRED TO ST MARY'S" which is great considering my dodgy locum GP.

I spoke to a Dr about how my cycle had shortened since my 1st MC and whether it was too short. She paused and I got the impression she thought 'yes but I cannot say anything based on numbers' because then she said "...I cannot speculate on that you will have to be tested. But some women take months to re-gain the cycle that suits their body... I notice here you conceived quickly each can take months to get a good even cycle back" She then TOLD me to say this to my St Mary's Dr.

Bakingtins Sat 20-Apr-13 08:03:54

Squizita I'm sorry your fears have been confirmed. It sounds like you are dealing with it very well - I hope this means you now get a rapid referral for the help you need. It's still a hard thing to go through, take it easy and look after yourself.

squizita Sat 20-Apr-13 11:09:32

Thanks Baking - I am currently stressing because of the small risk of a partial molar (empty sac, normal hgc, really quite high pg = 'slight suspicion' in docs mind) which would of course hold things back 6 months... At least and being me I then jump to the worst case of a molar I.e. chemo injections in my bum for a month!! blush even though it is a 'slight' and 'small' risk on my notes and even if it is, 90% of cases resolve alone after ERPC and 6 months hcg tests.

GuppieK Sun 21-Apr-13 09:45:28

Hi all, finally had time to get onto a computer to post (I always read on my phone but it's not easy to post...).
Tea, really jealous of your holiday - hope you're having a lovely time. I've still got a month to wait for mine and really want to be there now! I've cheered up a bit I think now! I've thought about phoning the consultant because it's been 7 months now but I really have an inkling they'll tell me to give it a few more months as af has only been back to normal for 3 or so cycles. I might set a deadline of 10 months or something. If it hasn't happened by then I'll beat a path to her door!

Twenty, hope you're doing well and haven't been having too many nosy friends asking about progress... I endured an evening out with a guy I used to work with who has a new baby and it wasn't so bad. It does seem to depend on the person for me. OH's sister is having her first in couple of weeks (she got pregnant while we were having the testing so it feels a bit like she took my place, which was tough) so it'll be 'interesting' going to see her after the birth.

Squiz, really sorry about your pregnancy. Have you had the ERPC now? It's good you'll get to go to St Mary's. I found the prospect of testing the only positive thing on the horizon after my third. I was thoroughly tired out by it all and wanted a medical professional to have a look at me. I know they often don't find anything, which I guess you have to be prepared for, but I suppose I'd rather know that than carry on and not knowing.

squizita Sun 21-Apr-13 11:53:00

Thanks guppie - my erpc is on Tuesday. I have twinges right side which are driving me potty been scanned, nothing in the tubes! Also obsessed by molars... My high pg and these twinges aren't helping at all! On my papers the risk says 'slight'.

Hope you get lucky before your deadline to see the consultant!

teaandchocolate Sun 21-Apr-13 12:09:10

Squiz I was really worried about molar too as I had such strong pregnancy symptoms with my 2nd mc and it was found to have triploidy which is often associated with molar preg. Anyway it was all fine as far as I know. I also get twinges on the right hand side with every pregnancy but think its the corpus luteum. I know its such a stressful time but try not to worry. They will test the tissue on Tuesday and molar pregs are pretty rare. I'm sure you'll feel 'better' once this stage is over and you can focus on testing and moving forward. The limbo is horrible.

Guppie I'm home now and so sad - need to book another holiday!! Wondering whether to go away in July when its DDs bday & anniversary of last mc. Just feel like if I'm not pregnant it'll be so hard. But school holidays will make everything v expensive. Anyone got any reasonably priced recommendations either uk or Europe??!

I also don't know when to see the consultant again or even what they can do really. Only had 2 proper cycles since we've been trying so like you Guppie I bet he says keep trying. Ugh!!

I was asked by a really lovely lady while we were away when we were going to have more to 'keep dd company'. Found it hard and just said yes I'd like to. Wondered if she'd had problems too as she had a 4 year gap and was 42 but not sure. Sometimes wish I could be more open but always clam up and regret it afterward!

squizita Sun 21-Apr-13 15:01:58

tea thanks, that sounds very like my situation so very reassuring to hear I'm not alone with the right-side twinges.

We went down to Somerset last holiday, very relaxed vibe with great food and drink. We stayed in Wells which is v pretty.

Daisybell1 Sun 21-Apr-13 16:15:35

Squizita - I'm sorry to hear your news. I know what you mean about mourning before hand - I'm in the same position and just want tomorrow's scan over with as its the tiny shred of doubt/hope which is killing me.

Tea - we're heading for Puerto Mogan in Gran Canaria at the end of May - its their low season so its a bit cheaper - it might be worth looking at July prices? Bring on the paella and wine smile

Lands - great news!

squizita Mon 22-Apr-13 09:44:42

Just a paranoid moment regarding Molars ... sorry ladies I suffer from mild health anxiety normally it's like wildfire at the moment tho... my last MC in Feb was not in hospital. I had been scanned at 6 weeks and seen a sac BUT it broke up when I MCed at home ona Sat- all gone when scanned Monday. Consequently I remember seeing little bits of tissue - one bit looking like a curved bit of skin/membrane (TMI) ... and whereas before I thought it was part of the sac (what the EPU said) I'm not utterly paranoid that it was a bit of a molar cyst as I've read they can come out with molar bleeding (but of course they don't tend to spontaneously and completely MC)... got pregnant the next month ... now given myself a serious problem. OH DEAR WHY AM I SO INSANE??? blush

teaandchocolate Mon 22-Apr-13 11:36:07

Squiz I was similar in that after the mc where triploidy was diagnosed and I was told molar was common but that I was ok, I got pregnant quite quickly and had a natural mc. I saw clots and decided that looked like a molar pregnancy (!) and that the doctors had got it wrong when they tested me. I over-educate myself and don't trust medical professionals entirely as I know they can make mistakes. Anyway all was fine (as far as I know!) and I think my panicking is just part of my character and how I deal with stress. It's hard not to think the worst after multiple mc as we are already the unlucky 1 in 100 and for me I felt that meant bad things just did happen to me. I lost faith in it all.

Anyway I think your reaction is totally normal but there is no point in self diagnosing - & I speak as the queen of self diagnosis (I'm sure I've practically gained a medical degree along the way). In reality there is nothing more you can do. Write down all your concerns and questions and raise them all with epu or your gp if you don't get answers. Not sure if its viable for you but I paid to see a consultant privately & having the time to quiz him in a relaxed environment was really helpful as he's always so manic when I see him on the nhs. It's also good to 'get in with' a consultant you trust as they'll usually do what they can to help & reassure you & will do as much as they can on the nhs. I've only paid for the appointments (except for 1 d&c which my insurance covered). Try to stay calm and distract yourself as much as you can with books/tv/DVDs and fresh air. It's hideous but you will get through this.

squizita Mon 22-Apr-13 18:10:41

Thanks Tea ... Sounds familiar the over analysis! Yup that's me too.

If you don't mind me asking how long before they sent you the Lab results? I've heard horror stories of months in limbo and Drs 'forgetting' to tell! I want to know when to chase them without seeming mental.

Daisybell1 Mon 22-Apr-13 18:30:31

Hi all, Squizita I'm sorry you're feeling so anxious sad

Bad news from me too, mmc confirmed this afternoon. Unfortunately the hospital where I had the scan doesn't do early pregnancy stuff so I had to phone my Dr to get a referral to epu. Seems crazy they couldn't do it for me but it doesn't seem to work that way.

I'm going to start stamping my feet for proper testing this time. I've had 3 go wrong at 6 weeks now, although I retained 2 until 9 weeks...

squizita Mon 22-Apr-13 20:27:45

Daisy sorry to hear of your loss.

That hospital doesn't sound right - they can refer you themselves, rather than doing their admin at this sad time!

Ask at the better hospital about a request for tests in your consultant's letter back to your GP. This gives some pressure to do it for you. Good luck!

teaandchocolate Mon 22-Apr-13 21:30:06

Daisy I'm so sorry it didn't work out and also that you're struggling to get looked after properly - the last thing you need right now! I hate all the rules and bureaucracy at these hospitals especially at such a sensitive time. Makes me mad that the care we get isn't always great.

Squiz I can't remember exactly but the molar pregnancy tests come back quite fast - couple of weeks I think. The chromosome analysis of the tissue takes longer - about 8 weeks as they need to grow it (I think). But check the time frames when you see them so you know when to chase. I also like to get copies of all reports which I think drives them mad!!

squizita Mon 22-Apr-13 21:35:33

Thanks Tea yup I insist on copies. I arrive at appointments now clutching a copy of Prof Regan's book and an envelope of scan and blood results. Control freak that's me!

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