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7weeks since late miscarriage/retained products? how can i have ovulated?

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jkb Wed 26-Dec-12 21:40:32

I was hoping someone could give me some adviceor personal experience.... i lost my son at 19 weeks gestation 7 weeks ago. I had to be induced and give birth. I had a complete placenta according to hospitak....however the next day i had a large peice of placenta hanging out and had several more peices in that first week come away.
Since then..all was pretty normal...light bleeding for 3 weeks...then nothing for a week...then a HUGE bleed for 6 days...soaking a pad every hour with huge clots. Due to the heavy bleeding, they gave me a scan andsaw retained tissue if aprox 1.5cm and sais i will need a d and c? My hcg test was negative tho...which is odd as if it were placenta u would normally get a positive test?
Anyway, i have stopped bkeeding now,and have clear discharge (sorry if TMI) just like when i i did an ovulation test earlier and it was positive!!!
My question is..can u ovulate if u have retained placenta?? I didnt think u could??

Any advice/experience would be much appreciated

Quodlibet Wed 26-Dec-12 21:59:48

Hi Jkb. Sorry to hear you have been through such a traumatic and sad loss. Is it possible your OPK might be picking up HCG - you can use opks as (slightly unreliable) pregnancy tests if you don't have any HCG tests, because there's an element of the hormone which is similar and picks up on both I think. So might be that your HCG levels are still high rather than that you are ovulating? Have you tried a HCG test too? I know you said previous HCG was neg, but maybe it was wrong?

jkb Wed 26-Dec-12 22:33:43

Thank u for your reply.. hcg was definetly negative. Urine was done by hospital ans was negative and they also did my blood hcg level and it was negative.... so im very sure.
I felt the ovulation pain and clear discharge and so just knew...but confirmed it via a ovulation test..... so strange????

Quodlibet Wed 26-Dec-12 22:38:28

Well, I think it must be a really positive sign if your body is reestablishimg its natural rhythm already?

jkb Thu 27-Dec-12 10:52:45

I hope so?? but the hospial want me in in the new year fir a d & C ?
which like i say...dosent make sense...i wouldnt ovulate if i have stuff still inside?

willitbe Thu 27-Dec-12 20:20:19

From my experience yes you could have ovulated. I had a miscarriage at 9 weeks and was told (within half an hour of each other) with two scans that 1) I had still more products to come away, uterine lining more than 10mm thick, and 2) that it was all over and the uterus was normal size. So if I were you I would not have d&c unless there were signs of infection and it was essential, if not it should come away at your next period.

I unlike you still had positive tests 4 weeks after the miscarriage (although the tests were gradually getting lighter), I had no more bleeding, but then I ovulated, confirmed by temperature shift and seen with normal ovulation discharge (obviously I could not test with opk's because of still having positive tests).

Well 2 weeks later my period arrived as would be expected following ovulation. However I also passed the feotal sac and a couple of small clots two days later. So I had ovulated with retained products. But my body cleared itself out with that period, my period was not any heavier than it would have been normally.

So don't go to the d&c yet, see if your period arrives in a couple of weeks. If you do have retained product you may have a some clots like I did possibly. But since you have negative tests, I would suspect that either the scan was wrong regarding the thickened lining, or that you do not have any retained products of conception eg feotal sac or placental tissue, just thickened lining. My guess from my experience, is that your scan was probrably wrong and you have probrably just ovulated!!!!!

annas10 Fri 04-Jan-13 08:49:28

I have experienced very similar to you. I miscarriaged at 17 weeks. I had to be induced and give birth. Afterwards i was taken into theatre to be cleaned out as my placenta didnt all come away naturally. I thought after all that i would be fine... But no. I left hospital with very little bleed it lasted 2weeks at most. Then 4weeks after miscarriage i suddenly had this huge bleeding which contained lots of clots. I went to my docs about it and she did a pregnancy test and that came back neg. She put it down to my first cycle. It lasted 2weeks then stopped. Another 4weeks went by then i started my period again on the day i expected all was ok for the first days then mid cycle i was in so much pain (like contrctions). Then i pasted something hard (which after tests was placenta). This didnt show up as positive because the placenta dies. Only shows positive when it is alive. I would go for a d&c so u know ur body is 100%. Hope things work out for u x

jkb Tue 15-Jan-13 19:59:07

Thank you for all your replies

I had another scan today & thank god- no retained products... just a healthy womb with a normal lining & thickness :-)

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