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Currently waiting for MC

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Quodlibet Wed 26-Dec-12 14:44:58

I am bearing up - have just left in laws en route to my parents who I know will be a great comfort. Getting cramps today so feeling like it may all kick off soon. It is a great relief to have Xmas out of the way.

Hope everyone else is bearing up too - I can't think of a worse time of year to be miscarrying.

Prawncat Wed 26-Dec-12 11:31:11

Thank you for all your messages. How are you Quodlibet? You're very brave to have gone to your inlaws' in spite of everything. Not much change for me - feel a bit more matter of fact about it but still teary. Bleeding a bit more but nothing major and 'period' pains now and then. Could this be 'it' or will I definitely know?? Back at the hosp tomorrow - don't know what to do - just want to get back to normal, but have read horror stories about the tablets and don't really want an op. Mostly just want it over, but a part of me doesn't want it to go, weird. sad

spiderlight Mon 24-Dec-12 19:02:22

So sorry. I went through exactly this last week - scan on 4th December showed that the pregnancy had ended at 5 weeks, bleeding started on the 9th, pain started on the 10th and I finally lost my baby on the 17th. The waiting was awful, the bleeding and pain worse than I'd been prepared for. I found this thread very, very valuable. Hopefully you won't have the sort of pain I did, but if it's not too late now, try to get a stock of decent co-codamol or similar and some industrial sanitary pads so you're prepared. Awful to be even thinking about that sort of thing on Christmas eve though sad sad

Holding your hand.

LadyKinbote Mon 24-Dec-12 18:55:18

So sorry for you, especially at this time of year. Lots of good advice above. You will get through this but will always remember the LO you lost. It does get easier.

Back2Two Mon 24-Dec-12 18:46:12

Sorry for your loss prawn. I had a MC in February this year.
It was a missed one, like yours. I don't think they re all as painful as you may read about. Mine was quite heavy just for a day or two and as bad as a painful period (totally manageable with painkillers) for a ay.

So sorry you have this happening. It's a hard time but remember it will end and your life will move on. You won't forget but you will be ok xx

BoyMeetsWorld Mon 24-Dec-12 18:39:00

Oh prawn - Christmas hug. It's rubbish isn't it, I lost mine last week - similar to you, didn't develop past 5 weeks (should have been 9). I panicked with it being Christmas period & not wanting to wreck 4 year old DS's Christmas. So I insisted on an ERPC. But in the time when things were happening 'naturally' it did just seem like a heavy period. I hope it goes quickly for you & not too painfully - it varies from person to person, let's hope you're one of the 'luckier' ones

Quodlibet Mon 24-Dec-12 17:51:20

Prawncat sorry for your loss. I have no advice but joining you on the limboland Xmas sofa. I think I am in the same boat as you having had only a small yolk etc discovered today at our 12 wk scan. We were hoping to arrive at in laws with scan pics - instead, with bag full of sanpro. It's horrible isn't it?

nananaps Mon 24-Dec-12 15:00:38

In limboland you wait.
If the pain gets too much and the bleeding gets exsesive (more than 2 cups full) you will need to go to A&E.

However, if the pain is bearable, take painkillers, snuggle on the sofa, cry if you want to, eat chocolate and wait for it to end.
Stay near a loo, and familiar surroundngs is my advice.
(ive had allot of mcs)

Prawncat Mon 24-Dec-12 14:56:18

Got something with codeine in from ages ago, I hope that helps.
What do people do in this limboland??? Been out and about a bit, and I've a got a 2.5 year old to look after (luckily OH and mum both around as it's Xmas), but don't want to go too far from home in case it all starts, and don't want to see anyone I know as I know I'll just start blubbing. But just sitting here waiting is awful sad

nananaps Mon 24-Dec-12 14:43:05

sorry this has happened.

Have you got some good strong painkillers?

Prawncat Mon 24-Dec-12 14:38:22

Thanks, and sorry for your loss last year. From what I've read online sounds like it's likely to be worse than the hospital led me to believe.

LaCiccolina Mon 24-Dec-12 14:35:17

Oh my dear I am so sorry for u and ur family's loss. I lost one myself this time last year at 12wks. I can't promise what will happen exactly. I had a bad period for a week. Then...nothing. It was over. Even with both of us it was quite lonely. There are so many of us. U will get lots of responses.

All I can say is keep talking. It does really help. I hope considering u have a very peaceful few days together. Take ur time. Best wishes xxx

Prawncat Mon 24-Dec-12 14:27:17

Glad to find this topic - didn't really get much info from the hospital. Scan on Thurs showed that 10 week pregnancy ended at 5 weeks. Very very sad. Waiting for nature to take its course. Bleeding a bit and light period like pains over the last couple of days. Scared, sad and wish it would just be over sad(((

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