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Miscarriage - natural management and a problem ex wife

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css1982kss Wed 28-Nov-12 06:27:20

I would like to share my experience.

I am going through a natural miscarriage. Firstly light bleeding, turning heavier, and eventually one afternoon the bleeding got so heavey, accompanied by fainting that my BF had to drive me to hospital. It was quite horrific.

My bf had to phone his ex wife, to tell her he would not be able to collect his daughter. As we were at the hospital. I was only 12 weeks at the time the miscarriage started, so she did not know I was pregnant, until that phone call. The news did not go down well with her. I was sent home that eveing, as long as my BF stayed with me. His ex demanded that he still had his daughter over the next day which was saturday, even though I was very ill. So she dropped thier daugter off to us, with a wrapped up present, which turned out to be a cup with the words 'best dad in the world' written on it. Was his ex just trying to be out of order and upset me during this difficult time? Has anyone else had difficulties like this? Now everytime I open the cupboard I see this cup which is a reminder of my miscarriage. It's only two weeks since my miscarriage started. I am trying to refrain from throwing the cup away, as his daughter is only 7 and its not her fault, but I am so annoyed with her mother, for using her child to annoy me.

I have also done a pregnacy test after two weeks and its still positive. How long before I get a negative pregnancy test? I feel quite stressed out and just wish that this whole experience is over. I am still bleeding. How long before the bleeding stops?

Any comments would be much appreciated.

weevilswobble Wed 28-Nov-12 06:41:28

Sorry about your MC, i'm in a similar position, i had a MC at 10 weeks, and my partner was terrified of telling his sons because he knew his ex wife would hit the ceiling. Why cant they just get over it? The only advice i can give is to ignore and avoid. Focus on here and now, YOUR relationship not hers and BE STRONG. Think positive thoughts. Good luck and take it easy.

css1982kss Wed 28-Nov-12 07:39:02

I'm sorry to hear about your loss.

Thankyou for the advice, it's been good to talk! Its hard & I would prefere it if she didn't annoy me out of spite. My BF is a brilliant father to thier daughter; and has looked after her alot this summer so that his ex wife could go to Canada for 3 weeks, Italy for a few days and India! He is always flexible with regards to looking after his daughter and helps out when his ex wants to go on various work related trips, so there is no need for her to be nasty really. I am sure he would drop everything, if his ex was miscarrying, to look after his daughter, because he is quite a reasonable person.

I am going to stay with my cousin this weedend, as it will be nice to have some female company, and give my BF a break, cos I know he deserves it. Lol.

weevilswobble Wed 28-Nov-12 07:48:52

My partners ex said if he ever got back with me he wouldnt see his sons again. Even though i looked after their sons when she was in hospital for laser eye job and he was away on business. Suits to have me care for her children when it suits. And she has holidays whenever she likes. Its wasted energy thinking about ex's. Having said that i've felt those same jealous emotions at times. Say nothing, walk away, busy yourself with something else.

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