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MC 12 weeks ago, is this a period?

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Irishmammybread Mon 26-Nov-12 23:35:22

I can't believe you're not getting more help and support from the medical professionals!
Are you still having the nausea and headaches?
I hope you manage to get it resolved soon. x

aMuminwaiting Mon 26-Nov-12 21:48:58

I'm sorry you've been through it too. I've lost six in total now. No, we've been careful. Because I had surgery after my cervix tore we were told to wait a while for things to heal. I called the EPU but the midwife told me to see my GP because they couldn't help me. It's always the same. When things are fine I'm promised the Earth but when I need help they all ignore me. I think they want to do the smear because of all my cervical trouble plus I had an abnormal smear five years ago. I've lost so many babies but my periods have always remained heavy, this one (if it even is one) is so weird. Even the pain associated with it isn't normal for me. No stupidly painful cramps, but more of a stabbing sensation near the opening.

Irishmammybread Sun 25-Nov-12 23:56:31

Hi Muminwaiting sorry to hear about your miscarriage,I've had three this year and it is physically and mentally devastating.
Cycles can be irregular for a few months after miscarriage but have you been ttc in the last month? If so ,have you poas in case the spotting is implantation bleeding?
It seemd odd that the GP wouldn't examine you,if you're worried you should contact the GP again, or maybe the EPU where you were treated.
I'm due a smear too but was told to wait 3 mths after miscarriage.

aMuminwaiting Sun 25-Nov-12 22:41:07


aMuminwaiting Sat 24-Nov-12 22:30:33

I had my last mc (17 weeks) 12 weeks ago. I had a normal period 31 days ago. I expected the next one Wednesday but nothing. I've had quite a few days since last period where I've had blood tinged mucus (lots of REALLY stretchy mucus). Two days ago I bloated and it hasn't gone down but still just spots of blood or some bloody mucus but not a proper period. I've always been really heavy and had terrible cramps but all I've had is some light cramping about a week ago and some terrible bouts of nausea and headaches for the last two days. I'm worried I might have an infection or something but my GP doesn't want to examine me because I had cervical surgery after my last mc. Am I worrying about nothing? I'm due a smear but have no idea when I'll be mid cycle now.

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