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What can I do....

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dunkinhobnobs Tue 13-Nov-12 17:20:49 make myself feel human again?
I suffered a mc at 8 weeks last Thursday. After the intial loss, the bleeding was quite mild for a couple of days. It was then horrendously heavy for a couple of days. Things seem to have slowed down again now, however it has left me feeling wiped out. I feel dizzy, shaky, cold and exhausted. Apart from one day today I am unable to take any time off of work.
I tried to buy some vitamins today to try and give myself a boost, however they all seem to say 'not suitable for people who are likely to become pregnant' and as soon as this nightmare is over, that is exactly my plan!!
I have opted for lots of fresh fruit and fruit juice/smoothies, and have made the most of my day off with a nap on the sofa but just wondered if anybody who is unlucky enough to have been here could give me some advice on how to drag my poor body through these coming days?

Geekster Tue 13-Nov-12 21:42:31

Sorry you are going through this. Not meaning to seem insensitive you could get some vitamins for women who are planning pregnancy. Try to eat foods rich in iron like red meat, green veg and eggs even chocolate and get as much rest as you can, you have had a physical and emotional battering, be kind to yourself. I hope you feel better soon and all the best for the future xx

BluelightsAndSirens Tue 13-Nov-12 21:48:14

Rest and tears, you need to have time to absorb what you are going through emotionally as well as physically.

You really should take some time off work, maybe see your GP and get signed off for a week.

My emotions were all up and down for weeks after, do you have some one who can look after you? Home made soup will help with your bits but rest and cuddles really work better.

Have a <<hug>> from me

MadhouseMama Tue 13-Nov-12 21:51:44


So sorry, it's such an awful thing to go through. Sounds like low iron levels to me, I had the same and is quite common in miscarriage. GP will prescribe iron pills or I got on well with spatone liquid iron which you can pick up at chemists. Also try to get some rest when you can, early nights, let the cleaning go, just take it as easy as you can manage. Your body needs to recover.
I hope you feel better soon. Best wishes.

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